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Qualified ESL Instructors wanted in Ethiopia

Job Description

Qualified ESL Instructors wanted in Ethiopia

Nejashi Ethio-Turkish International Schools ad: 




Nejashi Ethio-Turkish International Schools, founded in 2004 as a partnership between Ethiopia and Turkey, are private K-12 schools, focused on math, science, foreign languages, literature, and art subjects.


Our schools accept students from any ethnic and religious background and provide a secular education.


The mission of our schools is to introduce advanced literature, science and math education at a younger age, and ultimately prepare graduates with competitive skills for the real world. We offer hands-on experience through state-of-the-art science and computer labs and provide educational experiences that enhance the teaching and learning of science, mathematics, language and technology beyond the traditional classroom.


Our schools are places where students trust themselves enough to take risks in a safe and supportive environment. We set goals for our students on an individual basis. Learning activities include both cooperative learning and individual projects. Every child makes an individual contribution, and our limited class size allows teachers to see the unique qualities of different learning styles and patterns of growth. Our students learn to pay attention, concentrate on tasks and use knowledge meaningfully.




Fields of Expertise: We're mainly looking for teachers with experience in high schools, ESL, and debating. 


Teacher certification requirements: 


- Be a native English speaker from a country where English is the first & official language such as The United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand.

- Hold an English teaching license [alternatively an official TEFOL, TESL, or CELTA may be accepted after thorough review]

- A degree in the field of English or education from an accredited institution is preferred. Applicants with degrees in other subjects are also welcome to apply.

- At least two years of teaching experience.



Job expectations: 


- Working hours: [Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm] + [Saturday 9am to 12pm for teacher trainings and tutoring struggling students in your class if any]

- Teach a maximum of 24 classes per week

- You may be assigned to school activities such as debating, journalism, or poetry

- Our students are from all over the world. Therefore a teacher with culturally relative knowledge is highly valued by our organization. 

- Preparation of lesson plans.

- Assigning, marking and monitoring homework, class work, worksheets, and tests.

- Play a full and active part in the life of the school and our students.

- Be adaptable to a constantly evolving metropolis and educational environment.


Teacher benefits:


- A relatively high salary, plus money for home rental in Addis Ababa (the school helps international teachers find housing once they arrive).

- Transport to and from work via school based transportation. 

- Round trip airfare. 


Additional information about Ethiopia: 


Some useful information for interested candidates: We would also like to stress that you'll be working in a sub-Saharan, underprivileged country where your commitment to progressing the educational lives of our students & dedication to upholding the basic principles of your craft will be tested. Moreover, we're glad you took an interest in Ethiopia, and we're confident that you will have a rewarding experience here.



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