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English or Japanese (Tutor) for 2 English Tutor Positions and 1 Japanese Tutor Position

Baekseok University
Job Description

English or Japanese (Tutor) for 2 English Tutor Positions and 1 Japanese Tutor Position

English or Japanese (Tutor) for 2 English Tutor Positions and 1 Japanese Tutor Position in Cheonan, Korea

Native Speaker of English or Japanese with a bachelor's degree or higher in any major.
- Can lecture in English or Japanese language.

2. Qualifications
- Someone who can be sponsored through an academic visa
- Someone who can reside in Cheonan after being hired
- TESOL certifcation (for English tutor)

3. Required Documents
- Application form (prescribed form with attached photo)
- Official record of transcript (undergraduate / graduate)
- Verification of work experience (relevant on the application)
- A copy of passport or Alien Registration card
- Self-introduction Letter (prescribed form)
- Personal information agreement form (prescribed form)

4. Work conditions and responsibilities
- 9 AM till 6 PM office hours Monday through Friday (with some flexibility)
- Tutor will provide tutoring/instruction up to a maximum of 16 hours tutoring small groups and or classroom instruction (classes dependent on number of students who sign up)
- Salary : BA : 2 million Won/month, MA : 2.1 million Won/month, PhD : 2.2 million Won/month.
Additional salary for (E-1) or (E-2) Korean Visa holders with teaching experience at any 4 year post secondary institution in S. Korea. An extra of 50,000 won/month per year of teaching experience, 100,000 won extra for 2 years, up to a maximum of 200,000 won extra for 4 years will be provided.

- Summer and winter vacations, both paid (approximately 4 months)
- Housing subsidy : 300,000 Won a month for housing
- Pension: Same as pension management standards at all Korean universities.
- Insurance: Unemployment insurance, Medical insurance
- Contract period : 1 year (Contract will be renewed annually.)

5. Public advertisement and application period

- Advertisement period : Oct.10.2016(Mon) ~ Oct.25.2016(Tue) Until 4PM
- Application period : Oct.24.2016(Mon) ~ Oct.25.2016(Tue) Until 4PM
- Submitted by mail only (all documents must be original or a notarized copy)
- Mailing address :
Baekseok University (International Academics & Affairs)
Munam-ro 75, Grace Hall 3th floor (305),
Dongnam-gu,Cheonan, Chungnam, Korea (31065)

- Contact : e-mail : (JEONG, VITNA)

The prescribed application forms and documents can be downloaded at the following link:

6. Important Notice
You are legally liable for submission of any incorrect or fraudulent documents and should any detail in the relevant documents or application form be incorrect and fraudulent, such applications will be rejected and any appointments will be revoked with legal action taken for any resulting damages.

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