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Male NES ESL Teachers for Saudi Arabia

American Academy
Job Description

Male NES ESL Teachers for Saudi Arabia

Dammam, Saudi Arabia Immediate Start Teaching Post



Bacherlor Degree or Masters Degree holders in the following disciplines ONLY

English / Applied Linguistics / TESOL / ESL-EFL / Education

All candidates with appropriate degree majors noted above and who hold either a CELTA / TEFL / TESOL certificate will be the preferred candidates.

We were just contracted at the last minute with almost no advance warning to supply professional ESL instructors to the largest petroleum training institute in Saudi Arabia. This is a prestigious opportunity for all of including any instructor who joins this project.

Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia - close to Bahrain so very convenient for weekend trips to enjoy the beach, have a cold beer, watch a movie, enjoy the lovely ladies at the Karoke bars.

School: Saudi Arabia's largest petroleum training institute.

Students: Saudi males aged 18-22

Average Class Size: 20 students

Average English Competency: A1 - A2

Established Curriculum: Yes ... you just teach and deliver

Compensation Package Overview

1) Monthly salary calculation with cash and benefits listed below: 13,500 - 16,500 SAR

2) Monthly cash remuneration:

BA English related degree 9,000 / with CELTA/TEFL/TESOL 9,500 SAR

MA English related degree 10,000 / with CELTA/TEFL/TESOL 10,500 SAR

PhD English related degree 11,000 - 12,000 SAR

3) Salary issuance: within the first 5 days of the Gregorian calendar month

4) Contract start date: Immediate deployment to Saudi

5) Contract duration: 6 months (possibility of extension of client offers)

6) Two-way return airfare from point of origin

7) Visa fees paid by American Academy

8) Medical care: provided at no cost

9) Accommodations/Utilities: 1 bedroom apartment with utilities provided at no cost

10) Free Daily Transportation: provided daily to and from residence to place of employment

11) Transportation 2: access to shared cars for instructors (International License required)

Typical Salary Savings on AA Teaching Contracts

While every teacher will not save the same amount of money to take home with them when they complete their contract, typically we see most teachers saving about 80% of their monthly salary. How is this possible, American Academy is paying all your monthly bills for apartment, electricity, water, transportation, etc.

Typical Savings: $1,800 - $2,200 USD per month based on your monthly salary income

Career Advancement Opportunities

American Academy is providing longer-term opportunities within the company to take on higher level positions as we are currently experiencing significant growth in our organization.

The Saudi Arabia government recently announced its Vision 2030 program. This is a strategic national development plan whereby the economy is being diversified and many new areas are being invested. Saudi citizens are being funded for training to meet the demands of this program. A significant part of the Vision 2030 program is focusing on getting English as the primary language of business and the workplace to facilitate international business and investment from outside the country. So how does this relate to you in terms of opportunities.

At this time American Academy is starting to experience the effects of the Saudi government's Vision 2030 program. As an English language training service provider company, we are poised for significant growth at this time and over the next few years. Our head office is in need of several key departmental heads, we are looking within our team for people who can be project managers, lead teachers, curriculum developers, sales staff, etc.

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