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Full-time Positions at Seokyeong University

Seokyeong University
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Full-time Positions at Seokyeong University

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Full-time Positions at Seokyeong University




General Education English Program


 The GEEP teaches two graduation requirement English courses: TOEIC classes which are taught to all freshman students, also offered as an upper-level class; and Communication English, a general conversation class for all sophomore students. There are also 3 elective courses offered; TOEIC speaking, Interview English and Business English.






  • Contract period: 2 years (March 1, 2017 ~ February 28, 2019)
  • Salary: :  2 .4 million won/month (25,000won per hour over 10 hours)
  • Teaching hours: 10 hours, plus office hours; 20 on-campus hours per week minimum
  • No vacation teaching required
  • Offices: Large, modern, computer equipped, shared by 2 faculty
  • Pre-semester, mid-semester and end-of-semester meetings
  • Benefits: National health plan and private school pension
  • Housing allowance of 320,000won /month



  • Ph.D or equivalent, OR    
  • M.A and 2 years of verifiable English teaching experience at the university level



Application package:  All of these documents must be submitted for your package to be processed.  All must be mailed to the address specified.  No e-mail or fax will be accepted.

  1. Application Form  (Please download from)
  2. Consent to the collection and use of personal information (for applicant) and_use_of_personal_information_for_applicant.pdf
  3. Cover letter
  4. Curriculum vitae with contact information of two (2) references/referees
  5. Two (2) letters of recommendation
  6. Copy of each diploma and transcripts (one copy of each)
  7. All certificates of teaching experience and employment in Korean or English (positions should be identified): issued within the last 3 months
    1. * Accrued after the time spent pursuing a masterÁøs degree.
    2. * All proofs of employment with exact dates of employment with employerÁøs signature on official letterhead(letters should also be dated)
    3. * positions among part-time lecturer, full-time lecturer(former), assistant professor, associate professor, and full-time professor
    4. * If he or she has previous career experience as a part-time lecturer, the weekly teaching hours should be stated on the certificate of employment
  8. Copy of passport photo page
  9. Copy of alien registration card (front and back) (If you have one)
  10. Two (2) recent photos (3x4 or passport size)



  • If no candidate meets the universityÁøs requirements, the university reserves the right to suspend the hiring process.
  • Our school does not return the submitted documents.
  • Applicants who provide any false information will be exempted from the hiring process.
  • Dual application to different departments for new recruits is not allowed and if violated, application to all other areas will be disqualified.
  • Overall notification to applicants in the process of review shall be made via e-mail and the final stage interviewees will be individually notified by phone.



Application deadline:   November 18th,  2016 (Friday),  6:00PM

Mailing address: The Planning Office, Seokyeong University, San 16-1, Jeongneung-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea (02713). (No e-mails or faxes will be accepted).



For further information, please contact Ms. Park, Jae-Ryung in the GEEP office 

Ms. Park, Jae-Ryoeng (ÕòË&Acir c;Ã¡Âƒ)

GEEP Department

Seokyeong University


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