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Foreign Faculty Full-time Position Graduate School of TESOL

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Job Description

Foreign Faculty Full-time Position Graduate School of TESOL

Foreign Faculty Full-time Position
Graduate School of TESOL
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

1. Period: March 1, 2017 - February 28, 2018
(The contract may be extended annually)

2. Qualifications
Full-time Faculty Position (teaching content-based courses in theory and pedagogy)
In order to fulfill the requirement as a full-time faculty who can teach content-based subject areas, the qualified applicant should meet the following requirements:
(1) should have a master¡¯s degree (TESOL-related area preferred) and have at least two years¡¯ teaching experience at a university by the commencement of employment at the University, or
(2) should have a doctoral degree in TESOL-related field, speaks the standard variety of the language, and is deemed qualified to teach at the University.

3. Minimum load of teaching hours -
- The faculty should teach a minimum of eight hours a week
- The faculty should advise either thesis or portfolio of students
- The faculty should be present at the University for four days or more each week.

4. Contract Renewal System for Foreign Faculty
- In order to renew a contract, department consensus and fulfillment of research requirement is Minimum of 120 points per year.

* Content-based teaching professors except in Science-related fields are required more than one domestic (accredited journal) or international general journal or a prominent international academic journal at the fifth year renewal of contract.

5. HUFS Faculty Research Grant
- Significant amount of incentives are provided for the professors who write the journals at the level of SCI(E) above.

6. Airfare Support: One-way airplane ticket from (departure) to Seoul
(economy class for the faculty member and his/her spouse)
* Airfare support does not apply to those who is already staying in Korea.
* In case of professor's resignation before expiration date of the contract, the travel expenses should be paid back to University.

7. Accommodations: Dormitory for foreign faculty members (single/family size)

8. System for staying abroad
- For foreign faculty member, in principle, the length of stay for any return trip home should not exceed one month.
- However, depending on the personal situation, the faculty member may stay abroad two consecutive months during the four month period of recesses (summer and winter) at his/her discretion. For example : In an academic year, if a faculty member stays abroad during the summer recess for two months, he or she has to stay in Korea during the winter recess.
- When going abroad during the semester or recess for some reasons, the faculty member should submit an ¡®Overseas Travel Permit¡¯ to the Office of Academic Affairs by online (University Intranet system).

9. Required Documents
- Resume in English (with recent photo)
- Research/publications list in English (Manuscript copies should be attached.)
- Certificate of Employment in English or Korean (Positions should be identified.)
- Certificate of Career in English or Korean (Positions should be identified.)
* Positions should be specified as one of followings - part-time lecturer, full-time lecturer (former), assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor
* If he or she has previous career experience as a part-time lecturer, the weekly teaching hours should be stated on the certificate of employment/career.
- A letter of recommendation in English or Korean
(Issued by the organization or university where he/she's employed)
- Photo Copy of diplomas (BA, MA, Ph.D) or degree verification form

10. Submission Deadline
- All the required documents should be submitted to Graduate School Administration Team 2 (Graduate School of TESOL) from November 10 to November 16, 2016.

11. Submission Methods
- All documents can be submitted through E-mail, Mail or in person.

*Mailing Address:
107 Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea (Postal Code:130-791)
Graduate School of TESOL
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

130-791 ¼­¿ï½Ã µ¿´ë¹®±¸ À̹®·Î 107
Çѱ¹¿Ü±¹¾î ´ëÇб³ TESOL´ëÇпø

*To visit in person:
Graduate School Administration Team 2, Graduate School Building room#111, Seoul Campus

*To submit by email: Please send all files to:
To inquire about the submission documents and process, please contact the office at:
- Tel: +82-2-2173-3522
- Fax: +82-2-2173-3358
- Email: Ms. Keehye SHIN (
- Website:

*To inquire about the curriculum and environment, please contact the Vice Dean, Dr. Hyun Jung KIM at:

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