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English Teachers Needed: Dongtan / ByeongJom Kyeonggido (동탄/병점 경기도)

DEUS Education
Job Description

English Teachers Needed: Dongtan / ByeongJom Kyeonggido (동탄/병점 경기도)

[Send your resume to]

We are always on the lookout for remarkable people that believe in making a difference. If you are hoping for a career with a future, this job will be your first milestone in our company.
This job may seem small now, but, depending on what you can show us, it can be more than just a teaching job opportunity. Get promoted from just being a Teacher all the way to Hagwon Manager; from Employee to even Regional Director.
Make English Education in Korea your Career! Join us today!
If you have the passion for it, we will give you the opportunity.

Area: ByeongJom / DongTan, Kyeonggido (경기도 병점 / 동탄)

Positions open: 5

Working Days:
FULL-TIME: 5 days a week
PART-TIME (regular): Weekly Basis; Your choice from any day of the week from Monday to Friday (You can work one day a week if you choose to)
PART-TIME (irregular): Monthly Basis; Your choice from 2 to 4 days a month from Monday to Friday

Working Time: 02:00 PM ~ 07:00 PM

Starting Date:
- Training start immediately after interview (2-day training)
(Even if the dates do not fit your needs, don't throw this opportunity away. Send us your resume. We don't always know who we are looking for. You can be the unexpected newcomer to an unplanned position. Anything can happen.)

- FULL-TIME: KRW 2,000,000 to 3,500,000 per month - Depending on your qualifications and working time
- PART-TIME: KRW 20,000 to 40,000 per hour - Depending on your qualifications and working time
- Overtime will be paid accordingly

Required qualifications:
- Residing legally with up-to-date registration papers
- Has 1 year of teaching experience with Korean elementary students (at least)

Job Responsibilities:
- Teach given curriculum as enthusiastically as possible.
- Prepare class props and lecture material (included in working hours)
- Build good rapport with both students and local teachers.

Process of Job Application:
-Send us your resume/CV via email to
-Your potential manager will contact you directly (and not through HR) for an interview
-If you qualify for the job you will be contacted by the same manager
-You can start immediately or on or before Oct. 17th
-If you are not contacted a week after you have sent your resume/CV, then the position has already been filled

About Employer:
- An education organization whose expertise lie on education publishing and management service to Hagwons
- More than 30 years in the Hagwon business
- Acquired three Hagwon franchises with over 350 franchisees nationwide, a few of them in China and Vietnam (Name of franchises will be known upon interview)
- Directly owns and manages 26 Hagwons in the Kyeonggido Area
- Directly employs over 500 people locally
- Partnered with an American-owned education publishing service to public and private schools in the United States of America 


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