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Six English Language Teachers are needed

University of Raparin
Job Description

Six English Language Teachers are needed

Directorate of language and Development Center at the University of Raparin is looking for 6 native English teachers or teachers with native-level competence on a full-time basis to teach predominantly adult students.

- Possess a TEFL, TESOL, CELTA,DELT or similar certifications.
- Experience with young learners and adults of all levels as well as preparing students for IELTS and TOEFL is highly valued.

A full-time legal contract (28 hours) per week is offered.
If you are interested, please send your CV with a recent photo to

Foreign Teacher Contract

Article One: Information

First Party: Dr. Muafaq Khaleed Ibrahim, President of the University of Raparin (above his work).
Second Party: ………., holder of a ………… Degree in …………...
The amount of money for the contract:
* Bachelor: 2,500,000 IQD (two and a half million Iraqi dinars).
* Master: 3,000,000 IQD (three million Iraqi dinars).
* Doctorate: 3,500,000 IQD (three and a half million Iraqi dinars)
Contract Duration: One year, this starts from //2016 to //2017.

 Article Two: Introduction

This contract is signed for the purpose of moving the education process forward, and putting more effort into the development of the University of Raparin academically and scientifically.
The contract is based on the authorities given to the President of Raparin University by the Kurdistan Regional Government/Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (numbered (ن\721) on 28\9\2011) that have been generalized, and which authorizes the signing of contracts with (Bachelor, Master and PHD) holders.
In addition, it is based on the resolution of Raparin University numbered () on (), which is specific to the employment of Mr/Ms() as a contractor.
The above introduction and its instructions are not separate from the contract; instead, they clarify and complement the contract. Accordingly, both Parties to the contract agree on the following points:

Article Three: The purpose of the contract

Based on this contract, the Second Party works for Raparin University as a (Lecturer) in any Faculty or School or Department or any Directorate to complete the required hours.

Article Four: Second Party commitments

1- The Second Party should give lectures for 20 hours per week, despite the extra 8 hours within the programme and supporting students. The First Party allocates the working hours for the Second Party in the place where he/she works.
2- In addition to that mentioned in point 1, the lecturer can ask for extra payment according to the instructions.
3- To improve the position of the University of Raparin in the national and international rankings, the second party is required to publish two researches papers during the academic year.
4- The Second Party cannot work during the term of the contract in any other place in or outside of the Kurdistan Region without the President‌s agreement.
5- The Second Party will be paid as with the other University employees via the Bank and he/she is committed to a salary tax of 5% for any amount that is above one million IQD.

Article Five: Second Party rights

1- The First Party pays the Second Party a total amount of 3 million Iraqi dinars monthly, as mentioned in the first page according to the instructions.
2- The First Party should provide accommodation for the Second Party in the University apartments and the Second Party must return all equipment and devices at the end of the contract.
3- The First Party pays the Second Party a one round ticket flight (once a year).
4- With the agreement of the First Party, the Second Party will be entitled to the following holidays during the year:
a. (Weekly, feasts and formal holidays) as for all the lecturers and employees of the University.
b. Able to take a normal 15 days off.
c. Able to take 8 days sickness off, which can be extended to 15 days if supported by a medical committee report.
d. Able to take 20 days unpaid leave.
e. In the event that some or none of the above entitlements are not taken, the Second Party will not be compensated.
f. For female lecturers, other holidays include:
a. 21 days off before birth (paid).
b. 51 days off after birth (unpaid).

Article Six: Terminating the contract

1- Terminating the duration of the contract.
2- Terminating the contract with the agreement of both parties before the end date of the contract.
3- The First Party can terminate this contract with possible justifications by giving 30 days‌ prior notice to the Second Party.
4- The Second Party can ask to terminate the contract with possible justifications on the condition of prior notice of 30 days by submitting a document to the University.
5- After the end of the duration of the contract, the contract can be renewed with the agreement of the related Parties.

Article Seven: Problems and solutions

In case of any problems, the following points will be considered in sequence.
1. The main points of the contract will be reviewed.
2. A special committee, which will act as a mediator, will try to solve the problems supported by the contract, regulations and instructions.
3. The Kurdistan Region‌s legal courts will deal with the problem according to the laws and valid written instructions, if necessary.

Article Eight: Language used in the contract

1- The official language of the contract is Kurdish. This is to arrange and explain the contract.
2- The Directorate of Development and Language Centre is committed to translate the contract into English.

Article Nine: Agreement

For any other works and duties not mentioned in the contract, the regulations and instructions relating to the work are to be followed as set out by the University. Thus, both Parties have read the contract and agreed on its contents (4 pages and 9 articles) and it has been signed in Rania on (\2016).


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