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ESL INSTITUE KOREA invite a Native Teacher to work in Ulsan Metropolitan City, South Korea

Job Description

ESL INSTITUE KOREA invite a Native Teacher to work in Ulsan Metropolitan City, South Korea

Hello. Nice to meet you.

My name is Roy Kim, and I work for ESL INSTITUTE Korea in South Korea.

We are currently looking for native English speaking teachers to work in the vibrant city of Ulsan, located close in the north east of South Korea, this city is a short trip from the coast or mountains.

Our school, ESL Institute Korea is regular size language school in the city of Ulsan.
Our institution is also based in attractive buildings with excellent facilities. We have one English(England) teacher, one New Zealander, one Korean manager and 3 Korean teachers. All they can speak English fluently so teacher don’t need to worry about language difference.

Ulsan city is one of the 8 large metropolitian cities in South Korea. 1 million people reside in Ulsan, which is very similar to Brisbane city. Ulsan is home to Hyundai Motors, also thrives on a significant industrial sector providing a strong economic status. There are over 250 language schools in this city, contributing to the attraction for the large number of native English teachers in Ulsan.

The city has an advanced road and rail transport system, which is why there is never a problem with traffic jams or heavy congestion. There's convienient shopping with hundreds of shopping marts similar to Tesco, Safeway, Superstore, Woolworths, Coles or Wall-mart making adjusting to life in Korea very easy.

I myself have been to Australia for over a year long stay, while I was there I travelled around the Queensland state, contributing to my understanding of the Australian and Western culture, language and nature. From 9years ago, I am working as an interpreter for Police agency, public prosecutor’s office and the court. So when you’re in any trouble in Korea I can help you also I’m sure I’ll help you as much as I can.

South Korea is unique, as it is a blend of Western and Eastern culture, you will enjoy exploring this when you visit, as we will take the time to explain things for native teachers when they come to South Korea.

We will do our best to help native English teachers fit in, and I assure we can help you to live very comfortably in a city near to 5 beautiful mountains that in winter have skiing conditions to compare with Japan or China, and a surfable coast line only minutes away.

Please take a little time to review the job description attached, there are also photos of the College for your information.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email, as we will reply promptly and can make time to speak to you by phone.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Roy Kim

ESL INSTITUE KOREA invites Native Teachers to work in Korea

Take advantage of:

•Single Airfare(Full contract)
•Furnished accommodation
•Full support and orientation for the duration of your stay
•Work visa application support
•Work and play in beautiful Ulsan City with a population of approximately 1miillion Ulsan Metropolitan city.


Age: 20+
Salary: 2,100,000 ~2,300,000 (KR)/ month (depends on experience)
One month severance pay at completion of 1year contract.
Contract: 12Months (minimum)
Class size and levels: 8 or fewer students per class;
Elementary/Junior high or high school/Adult
Hours:30 hours of teaching/ a week
FREE furnished living accommodation provided by the employer
FREE Single Airplane ticket
Holidays: 6 days paid vacation plus all national holidays
(About 14~15 days per year)
Medical: Employer pays 50% of the medical insurance cost
(Covering the period of employment)
Visa sponsored
Tax: Low income tax(3.3%)
* Job conditions can be negotiated
* Korea is cheaper than North America or Japan’s cost of living and taxes and so you will pocket the benefits!

Required Documents to obtain E2 visa

BA degree or notarized (from your local Korean Consulate) copy
A copy of your passport photo I.D page
4 passport-sized color photos
Official medical report
Criminal record check (Police check)
(If applicable) Two reference letters
(If applicable) Teacher's certificate, Teaching certificate copies (100+ course hours)
(If applicable) Proof of teaching experience (full-time)

Tax and other deductions

Income tax: 3.3% (depends on one’s salary amount)
Medical insurance: 4.77%
(Employer pays 50% of the medical insurance cost)


1. Must be English native speaker
(From Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and USA)
2. Hold a bachelor degree or higher
(With any major)
3. Teaching Experience ESL – type or Teacher certification & Teacher preferred


To work as an ESL teacher in South Korea, You must obtain the E-2 visa.
E-2 visa’s minimum qualification is Bachelor degree.

ESL Institute Korea Korean Dept

Director Roy Kim [ ]
Tel : + 82 – 52 – 296 -0530

Any questions?: send us an email to : (ROY)

Interested applicants please send a resume, cover letter, recent photo and a reference contact to the emali account ( We will send more information include our references.



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