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Four Greet Positions/Naepo(Couple position)/Gwangju(Jeolla)/Incheon/Changwon

Job Description

Four Greet Positions/Naepo(Couple position)/Gwangju(Jeolla)/Incheon/Changwon

@@Position 1(Couple Position)

=Location: Naepo new city, Chungnam
-Small city/Less than 700,000 people//For more information about Naepo city, please see below.
-It takes about 50 minutes from Daejeon Metropolitan city by bus.
-It takes about 2 hours from Seoul by bus.
=Franchisee. Thus, their head office provides them with lesson plans and teaching materials.
=Teaching levels: Elementary and Middle school students
=Working time(Monday to Friday): 1:30PM to 8:00PM(Shorter than usual)
=Teaching hours per month: 120 hours
=Paid vacation: 10 days per year
=Teacher's qualification required: Couple only
-Salary and Severance Pay: 2-2.4million won(negotiable)//Will be decided after an interview.
-Couple House, Health insurance(50%) and Pension(50%) will be provided
-Round air tickets or One way air ticket: Negotiable//Will be decided after an interview.(These days many schools offer one way air ticket.)
=Date of starting work: May 15, 2017
@Suggestion by Richard who is now working with above school. You will take over his couple position.<<
My wife and I have had a wonderful time. We would like to stay, but our house sitter wants to move on.
The school staff, students and conditions are great. The location is clean and peaceful for anyone wanting a healthy lifestyle. You are fully supported and the current teachers will leave plenty of guides and information to help get you started. The positions would suit a couple, who are seeking an enriching cultural experience.
Naepo City is a clean state-of-the-art newly developed city, which has been designed specifically to be eco-friendly and environmentally aesthetic. It is located at the foot of Yongbong-san Mountain, which has been given its name as it resembles a dragon. The mountain is accessible and great to climb for anyone with an appreciation for nature and temple culture. In addition, public transport is very accessible, making this location a key starting point for traveling anywhere in the country.
@@Position 2

1.Location: Gwangju Metropolitan City(Jeollanam-do)
2.Teaching levels: Elementary to Middle school students
3.Teacher's qualification required
3.1: Female teacher is preferred
4.Website of this school will be provided on your request
5.Basic lesson plans and teaching materials are provided by the school.
6.1: Working days: Monday to Friday (5 days per week)
=All national holidays, Saturday and Sunday: No work
=Paid vacation per year: 12 days (Other schools: Usually 8-10 days per year)
6.2: Working time: 12:00PM to 8:00PM including dinner break, class preparation and etc.
6.3:Teaching hours per week: Maximum 30 hours
7.1: Salary and Severance Pay: 2-2.4 million won(negotiable)
7.2: House or Housing allowance will be provided
7.3: Health insurance and Pension: 50% support
7.4: Round air fare will be provided.(Maximum 1 million won for one way air ticket.)
8: Number of foreign teachers currently working with this school: More than 10
9: Date of starting work: April 27, 2017
@@Position 3
=Location: Seogu, Incheon(Cheongna International New City)
-32 minutes from Hongdaeup (Seoul) station to Cheongna Int'l New City station by subway.
=Teaching levels: Kindergarten kids and Elementary students
=Working time(Mon to Fri): 9:00AM to 5:00PM(including lunch break)//Free lunch is provided at the school.
=Teaching hours per week: maximum 30hours
=Paid vacation per year: 10 days
=Paid sick days: 3 days(Many other schools do not have this system)
-Salary and Severance Pay: 2.-2.4 mil won (negotiable)
-Round air fare, House(or Housing Allowance), Health Insurance(50%) and Pension(50%) will be provided.(These days many other schools offer one way air ticket only.)
=Date of starting work: May 1st, 2017
@@Position 4
1)Location: Changwon, Gyeongsangnamdo
=Website of Changwon:
=Not so far from Busan
2)Founded in 2006//Stable//Well-organized
3)Teaching levels: Kindergarten kids to High school students
4)Working time(Monday to Friday): 2:00PM to 10:00PM(including dinner break)
5)Teaching hours per week: 30hours
6)Paid vacation per year: 10 days
7)Paid sick days per year: 2 days(Most of other schools do not have this system.)
=Salary and Severance Pay: 2.-2.4 million won (negotiable)
=House, Health insurance(50%) and Pension(50%) will be provided.
=One way air ticket
-These days many schools(Hagwons) provide one way ticket only in compliance with the instruction of their associations.
9)Date of starting work: April 14 or Early May, 2017(a little flexible)

@@Please apply for above positions by one of the following ways.
(1)Submitting your job application on our website( to let us know specifically about you and your requirements, and it will greatly help us recommend you to our clients positively.
(2)Sending your resume(microsoft word format only) and picture(JPG format only) via email. If you send them to our main email address (, it will be more convenient for us.
=Remark: (1) is more convenient for us than (2)

Director of VivaCom recruiting agency(reputable and licensed recruiter)
Phone: 82 10 7189 2071



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