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University Position in Seoul

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Job Description

University Position in Seoul

1. Period: September 1, 2017 - August 31, 2018
(The contract may be extended every 1 year)

2. Qualifications
In order to be qualified as a member of the Language Faculty, the faculty member should be one who has master degree or higher conferred and has more than 2 years full time teaching experience (after the degree) at a university or college in the country where the language concerned is spoken, and who speaks the standard variety of the language, and is deemed qualified to teach at the University. (Research and teaching experience converts in accordance to the ratio table of the personnel regulations of the University.)

3. Salary (receive inquiries via e-mail:
• The position can be different from the present position in your country.
• Additional payment for any extra teaching load shall be made on the basis of the pay-scale for foreign instructors. In case the foreign faculty teaches less than the minimum required load, the salary payment will be deducted based on the deficiency.

4. Minimum load of teaching hours
- Language Faculty should teach a minimum of twelve hours a week.
• The faculty member should be present at the University for four days or more each week.

5. Airfare Support : One-way airplane ticket from (departure) to Seoul
(economy class for the faculty member and his/her spouse only)
• Airplane tickets should be purchased from the Travel agency introduced by the University. (Wonil Agency, ☎ 02-723-5727,

• If faculty member purchases air tickets not from Wonil Agency but from other travel agencies, the amount of the reimbursement for air tickets will be decided by comparing the purchase price to the estimated ticket price of Wonil agency. And the cheaper price will be reimbursed.

• Airfare support does not apply to those who is already staying in Korea. And a faculty member in Foreign Language Education Center.

• In case of professor's resignation before expiration date of the contract, the travel expenses should be paid back to University.

6. Accomodations : Dormitory for foreign faculty members(single/family size)

7. Required Documents
- Resume in English
- 3 recent photos
- Research/publications list in English
- Certificate of criminal records in English
- Certificate of Employment in English(positions should be identified)
- Certificate of Career in English(positions should be identified)

* Positions should be specified as one of followings - full-time lecturer(former), assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor

- A letter of recommendation in English
(issued by the organization or university where he/she's employed.)

- Photo Copy of diplomas(BA, MA, Ph.D)

* It should be translated into Korean or English(Requirements for Immigrations Office)
- Copy of passport

* If coming with family members, documents below should be added :

- Certificate of marriage
- Certificate of children's birth
- Family member's photos
- Family member's copy of passport
- Degree verification form(Signed consent form and etc.)
- Medical certificate for tuberculosis(you need to hand in when you apply for Visa at the Korean Embassy in your country)

8. Submission Deadline
- All the required documents should be submitted to or the department office by April 30th, 2017. (#415, The Department of English Lingtuistics, Main building, 107, Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seould, Korea South)

9. Contract Renewal System for Foreign Faculty
- In order to renew a contract, department consensus and fulfillment of research requirement are necessary.

[Contract Renewal Standard - Points according to HUFS Research Points Policy]

10. System for staying abroad
- For foreign faculty member, in principle, the length of stay for any return trip home should not exceed one month.
- However, depending on the personal situation, the faculty member may stay abroad two consecutive months during the four month period of recesses(summer and winter) at his/her discretion.

- When going abroad during the semester or recess for some reasons, the faculty member should submit an ‘Overseas Travel Permit’ to the Office of Academic Affairs by online(University Intranet system).

11. HUFS Faculty Research Grant

- incentives are provided for the professors who write the journals at the level of SCI(E) and Domestic prominent journals if a published article is submitted only when a foreign faculty member is being employed by the HUFS.



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