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Proyectos Aguazul
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We will introduce one App (such Duolingo or English Central) in three high schools of Aguazul, Colombia to roughly 1160 students. We will create an academic platform, a clear methodology which serves as a path to integrate the App with the goals and processes of the high schools. We will add to the equation four native speakers (that’s you) who, in the whole process, act as support in real time, the go-to person to provide native English insights, deliver lessons, and go where the App can’t go, but most importantly, provide the “human element” in the English immersion project.

The students are from the grades 9, 10 and 11 (the high-school equivalent).

Dates: From July 3 to December 3, 2017 (classes finish on Nov. 24, the rest is a wrap up period).

This is a pilot project, there will most likely be a full year intake in 2018 (if you dig it, and there is sync with the goals of the project, you can stick around).

Intensity: Monday to Friday, roughly 8 hours/day (the hours would vary depending on the extra-curricular activities, which we expect to have lots).

You will receive:
-COP$ 1'800.000/month (that’s approximately three minimum wages a month)
-1 two-way Air ticket from USA to Bogota and from there to Aguazul. (Economy class tho lol).
-Health coverage
-ARP-Risk insurance (AKA "Riesgos Profesionales")
-Caja de compensacion (meaning, recreation access at the lowest price)
-Pension contribution (we are obliged to even if you don't dig it)
-Liquidation (meaning more money at the end of the contract where we pay the equivalent for vacations, etc).

...And you have to:
-get the TP13 visa (which costs US$160).
-Be committed for the 5 months
-Pay your own living expenses (not to worry too much, living there is cheap, e.g. renting a bedroom is about $400,000).
-Be an ESL licenced person, say, you have the TESOL certificate or something of equivalent value
-Have some years of experience teaching ESL to youngsters.

That’s about all. If interested, pls reply, we will schedule an Skype session to go over the details, answer any questions you might have, and find whether you are the right fit for the program.

Thank you,
Javier S.

PS: here a video of Aguazul, so you get a glimpse on the spot you are going to.

PLS inbox me at

Thank you!



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