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Teacher - Dongducheon-shi, North of Seoul, South Korea

International Children's Language School
Job Description

Teacher - Dongducheon-shi, North of Seoul, South Korea

$25-30,000/July 2017/Well-Motivated Students/Near Seoul/
Teaching Development/Single Apt./Round Tickets/Medical Insurance/Pension/Severance/B.Ed or M.Ed preferred

Thanks to our whole school faculty who have worked hard and those who are now, our school has grown well.
At this time, I am looking for a teacher who loves children and concern about their education.
If you are interested in teaching in our school, please feel free to call.( 82-10-9122-3459).
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Hyun-Jung Kim, director

< Teacher's Qualification >
- The ability to show sincere love and care for children
- A desire to be the best teacher
- A strong commitment to the International Children's Language School's Mission Statement (
- Has a BA/BS degree or a master's degree
- Outstanding experience in their teaching area
- Native English Speaker
- Early child Education or TESOL preferred

< Working Conditions >
Position : July 2017 (Dongducheon campus)
- Five-day working week(Mon.-Fri.)
- 5 hours 10 min. teaching a day: 3-9 p.m
: Required class preparation: Teachers should come to school by 2 p.m for Pep.
- No changing classes during school year

< Salary & Benefits >
- The salary start from 2.2-2.5 million won
- The school provides housing(single)
- Round-trip airfare if hired outside Korea
- Severance Pay: a month salary

(Depend upon completion of contract)
- working visa
- medical insurance
- pension

< Documents Required >
- Application form for employment (
- Resume
- Copy of degree
- Copy of transcription
- Copy of passport
- A recent picture
- Self-medical Check form
- Criminal Record Check with Apostille(FBI state level)

* Would you please send all required documents:
(Mrs. Kim, director)

Dongducheon Campus: #601 Gaerim Plaza, #719-1, Joongahngro 110-13, Dongducheon-shi, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 01727
(Subway : Jihaeg Station on No.1 line)
Tel.: 82-31-862-3457/862-3458/864-3459
Fax : 82-31-360-6457

Duckjung Campus: Donga-plaza, 3F, # 54, Goam-gil, Yangju-shi, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 11457
(Subway : Duckjeong Station on No.1 line)

If you want to know about the school, please visit our website( or call me anytime. Former and current teachers' phone numbers and email addresses are available for applicants.

< References >
Mr. Tom Averill(1996-1998): B.Ed / M.ED U.S.A.
Mrs. Vincent Fricault: B.Ed U.S.A.,
Mrs. Barb Peck(1998): B.Ed U.S.A.
Mrs. Lisa Yelverton(1999-2000):B.Ed/M.Ed U.S.A.
Mr. Court Ogilvie(2000-2001): B.Ed. M.Ed U.S.A.
Mrs Kristine Perz & Dawson Martin (2001-2002): B.Ed, B.A in English, TESOL, Canada B.Ed, BA in English.
Mr. Stephen Packham (2004-2005): B.A. TESOL Canada.
Mrs. Amanda Horton (2005-2007) B.Ed. U.S.A.
Mrs. Kelly Moran (2006-2007): B.Ed. M.Ed U.S.A.
Mrs. Erin Lowell (2006-2008): B.Ed. U.S.A.
Mr. Jonathan Hackett (2010-2011): B.A U.S.A
Mr. Nicolas Zaleski (2009-2012): B.Ed. U.S.A.
Ms. Karen Pedersen (2011-2012): B.A. Canada
Ms. Caleigh Furlong (2011-2012): B.Ed. U.S.A.
Mr. Christopher Packham (2012-2013): B.A. Canada
Mr. Terrence Shrader (2012-2013): B.Ed. MA. U.S.A.
Ms. Carol Long (2012-2013): B.Ed. U.S.A.
Ms. Erica Hildebrand (2013-2014) B.Ed. M.A in TESOL
Mr. Matthew Marks (2013-2015): B.S. M.S. U.S.A.
Ms. Kristin Nieto (2014-2015): B. Ed. U.S.A.
Ms. Kelsey Arnold (2014-2015): B. Ed. U.S.A.
Mr. Nathan Diehl (2015-2016): B Ed. U.S.A
Mr. Matthew Norton (2016-present): B.A. U.S.A
Ms. Nicholle Hamman (2017-present): B.A. U.S.A



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