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Sunny, Exciting Madrid Spain. TEFL Certificate Programme & GUARANTEED TEACHING JOB

Canterbury TEFL
Job Description

Sunny, Exciting Madrid Spain. TEFL Certificate Programme & GUARANTEED TEACHING JOB

Your Passport for Adventure & Something New!

Don’t Delay! Apply for Exciting Spain Today!

The 120 hour Canterbury International TEFL Certificate Programme. Offered year round (including in June) with a guaranteed teaching position with the parent language school, Canterbury Consulting Spain in Madrid throughout the school year.

For more information download pdf Year Round Course Catalogue at

We are currently accepting applications for the 2017 – 2018 school year. A university degree is preferred, but it is not required to apply and be accepted into the programme.

This is the best time in over a decade to come to Spain. The dollar has never been stronger. Also, we supply security for non-EU members to live in Spain by providing student visas free of charge.

In addition, Canterbury TEFL is directly involved in English language summer camps through its English Adventures Summer Camp as well as summer camps organised for The Madrid City Council. Please see

Moreover, we are actively involved in international education through our own programmes such as The British / Spanish Schools Exchange Programme (BSSEP) and Outdoor Leadership programmes for high school students.

TEFL Programme Cost: 1095 euros


*** AUGUST 7, 2017 TO SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 ***

** SEPTEMBER 4, 2017 TO SEPTEMBER 29, 2017**



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Canterbury TEFL 
C/ Covarrubias, 22, Second Floor 
28010 Madrid 

Tel: +34 918 380 082

+34 648 956 204

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January 9, 2017

To All Potential TEFL Candidates,

I am writing this testimonial letter to share my experiences in teaching English at Canterbury Consulting Spain here in Madrid. I am from the Philippines and I have been living here for eight years. I never expected that I would become an English teacher here.

When I researched the TEFL course offered by Canterbury, I thought that it was the best way to experience another type of job market. So I decided to take the course and finally, I passed. While I was taking the course, I was very honoured to meet the very hospitable staff, directors, co-teachers and especially our director and teacher, Mr. John Bouse. He trained us extremely well on how to teach English. He taught us different styles and strategies of teaching English. Finally, the most important experience that I have had with them is that at Canterbury, they are very warm and kind. They treated all of us as their friends and as a part of the family. They never hesitated to help us regarding any of our problems. Whatever our needs and questions are, they are always there to accommodate us.

I really enjoy the experience of teaching English to Spanish students here in Madrid. As of now, I have very friendly, sweet and nice students. Their parents are very well educated and respectful to me as an English teacher, making this profession quite fun and rewarding.

So TEFL candidates, I recommend that you to come and experience teaching here in Madrid, Spain because there are many opportunities to teach English to Spanish people. I hope you can experience how great it is to teach English here and take this course as your first step. Let Canterbury prepare you for this wonderful opportunity. I can assure you that you will not regret this. God bless!

Joy Samson 
Class of January, 2016

January 4, 2017

To All TEFL Candidates:

As someone who has, ultimately, become a professional English teacher as a full time career, I know that there are unfortunately a lot of less than reputable schools and courses out there all too happy to take your money and leave you unprepared for the realities of teaching, if they ever get you a job at all. That's why I'm more than happy to write this letter recommending Canterbury TEFL in Madrid, I program I myself went through in the fall of 2012 and which I have no reservations about vouching for, hopefully providing you with some useful information and guidance in the often chaotic world of TEFL and ESL.

I moved to Madrid after finishing my Bachelor's in the US in order to pursue a Master's degree, and while that Master's in applied linguistics certainly gave me a tremendous theoretical foundation to language teaching pedagogy and language acquisition theory, it did far less to actually tell me how to teach. Even so, I came to Canterbury primarily hoping they could find me some work in Madrid and help me to extend my visa, and I can say that they are well worth your time and money. The staff at Canterbury, all of whom I found to be friendly, personable, professional and, most importantly, helpful, managed to help me extend my Spanish visa on two separate occasions, allowing me to stay in Madrid for a total of three years. The actual TEFL course I had with John Bouse was very thorough and useful, combining perfectly with my Master's coursework. It is something I genuinely believe has made me a far more effective teacher than I ever would have been just jumping into the fray straight from the university halls and certainly had me better equipped to handle teaching in Spain and in general. Canterbury was also able to fully deliver on their promise of work throughout my entire time with them. In the beginning, it may be only a few private classes here and there, but I stuck with them and before long found myself with a full slate of group and company classes that provided me with a more than comfortable living in Madrid.

Madrid itself is, in my opinion, the greatest city in the world, and I've seen a fair few of them. There are few cities that can match its underrated beauty, vivacity, liveliness (especially at night) and friendliness. There's something in Madrid for everyone and I'm a firm believer in the idea that everyone should experience this wonderful city and the inimical country of Spain at least once in their lives. As someone who fully intends to ultimately settle down in Madrid permanently, once my wandering days are over, I give my strongest possible endorsement. I would never have been able to experience Madrid for as long as I did without the Canterbury program, and for that, I will always be grateful. For that alone I was more than willing to write all the testimonial letters they could want, but that would do a disservice to the quality of their program and their staff (who continue to be of assistance even now, years after I left the program). If you have any doubts about Canterbury, rest easy. They're the best and choosing them and Madrid is something you'll not regret.

Christopher A. Wilson, Class of October 2012

January 4, 2017

Hello Potential TEFL Candidate:

I graduated with a TEFL certificate from Canterbury in January, 2010. Looking back at that time I see it as one of the most pivotal points in my career and my life.

The Canterbury program not only prepared me to teach English as a foreign language but also worked with me one on one to improve my teaching and the lessons I delivered. The teaching requirement at the end of the course also allowed me to further build on my teaching skills and with this experience came more and more classes which allowed for me to begin a stable career in a city I loved so much.

The time spent in the Canterbury TEFL program was not just focused on teaching, but also helped new teachers become familiar and oriented with the city of Madrid. This was great for teachers like myself who at the time, was very new to the capital city and its culture. Canterbury organised several social outings for our cohort which not only allowed me to discover some of the wonderful hidden gems of Malasaña, but also provided me with opportunities to build professional relationships with my fellow colleagues.

The library at Canterbury also provided a wide array of teaching resources and the staff was always friendly and willing to assist teachers with finding an apartment or developing new methods of classroom instruction. My experience with Canterbury and in Madrid was so wonderful that I ended up staying and teaching in Madrid for almost four years.

In 2014, I made the decision to leave Madrid to go back to get my master’s degree. Although I received a graduate assistantship for my program of study back home, I was still able to teach English over Skype to some of my former students in Madrid. This allowed me to earn extra money and helped finance my way through graduate school. During the summer of 2015, I spent time in Ecuador completing some of my last coursework. After my courses ended, I was able to teach in Quito thanks to the TEFL I received from Canterbury. This money allowed me to travel all around Ecuador and Colombia before going back to the states to graduate with my master’s degree.

I now currently work as a health communications specialist at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA. I believe that my worldly experience and my ability to speak Spanish which all started with my enrollment in the TEFL program at Canterbury Madrid, are to credit for where I have landed at the present moment. Having a TEFL also allowed me to live and travel in South America, and gain more international experience. A Canterbury TEFL is not just beneficial for those who aspire to be teachers, but extremely favourable for those who are looking to gain international work experience. My experience with Canterbury was beyond amazing and I recommend the program to anyone who is looking to explore teaching or international work, travel, living abroad, or just looking to escape their comfort zone. You won’t be disappointed, and the future will reward you.

Erin Rock, Class of January, 2010

Dear Potential Teachers,

Teaching may seem like a mundane 9 -5 job, but with all the opportunities being given to teachers these days, it doesn’t have to be. Teaching in another country is exciting and refreshing. For me, it was always just a passing thought, but once I found the Canterbury Academy online and found out that it was located in the heart of truly one of the most beautiful and eventful cities in the world, Madrid, I could not resist. Like many of you, I had my doubts and fears and found myself drastically researching and reading anything I could get my hands on about the academy. It wasn’t until I found the testimonial page that my fears were put to rest. The testimonials posted online are all true! That is also why I wanted to write one as well. Moving to another country, especially alone, can be extremely frightening and overwhelming. It can be difficult to gauge what you are doing right or wrong and what is safe and what isn’t.

During my first week in Madrid, the Academy offered an orientation in order to meet the staff and any students you may be taking the TEFL course with. The city alone makes you feel at home instantly and along with that, in just that one meeting, our Professor John Bouse immediately made me feel safe in the city by giving me a quick run down of the do’s and don’t’s and offered to help in any way he could.

I am an Ontario Teachers College graduate from Canada as well as a Biology undergraduate student, and I can easily say that this one month course pushed me more than any of my previous courses have. It pushed me academically, but most importantly when it comes to going on an adventure it pushed me beyond my comfort zone and I am thankful for it. Teaching English always sounded like a walk in the park, but from day one I realised that this course and this whole experience overall is going to make me tap into new abilities that I have not used yet in my life or that I was not aware I even had.

This experience was nothing but rewarding. As a biology teacher, teaching English did not seem like it was going to be too interesting for me but I ended up loving it. Teaching English is definitely challenging but the staff makes it extremely enjoyable. Once you are done the course you are sent out to teach private lessons. I was given 4 different families and I can tell you that each family made my experience that much more enjoyable. The people in Spain are so welcoming and pleasant and welcome you as one of their own. I was treated with so much love from each family and it broke my heart to leave when I did. Until this day I wish I could still be there teaching the children I had. I definitely plan on making my way back because the Academy and the city have definitely left a long lasting impression and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It has definitely helped me to become closer to realising who I am as a teacher and especially as a person. This experience will be multidimensional for you, I promise!

Vanessa Wiazowski 
December 17, 2015

Dear Future Canterbury TEFL Students,

Having lived and worked as a secretary in Madrid for more than thirty years, the company I was working for relocated to The Netherlands and I was made redundant. I decided to use the opportunity to take the Canterbury TEFL course with the idea of maybe giving a few English classes here and there until I could find another full-time job.

With my school studies many years behind me and grammar rules long forgotten, I was quite nervous when the course started in January, but these feelings soon disappeared once we started --- the Canterbury staff make you feel welcome and there is little time for contemplations with dynamic, participative classes and homework, but still time for those new to this wonderful city to sightsee, enjoy the Spanish culture and have a beer!

The four weeks flew past and before we knew it we were up and running and confidently giving classes ourselves…The Canterbury TEFL course is not only informative and well organized but also practical, so as well as learning from our knowledgeable teachers with their wide experience in TEFL and their ability to make learning fun transmitting enthusiasm, we also learned from our own classmates as we gained confidence and put into practice all the aspects of teaching English as a foreign language plus more specifically Business English and Children’s classes firstly amongst ourselves and then very quickly with Canterbury clients.

Almost a year later I am so glad to have taken up this new work opportunity. I love what I am doing, at the moment giving evening classes which suit my present situation perfectly, but with an option to extend to more hours. Canterbury has an excellent reputation and therefore an endless supply of clients in different areas of Madrid providing a good opportunity to move around the city --- what a super way to mix business and pleasure!

Sarah Ballard 
December 15, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

I must admit that the way I got to Canterbury’s TEFL course was not orthodox. I am Spanish so, technically speaking, I could work in Madrid in a job related to my profession (Project Management in Financial Services). Unfortunately, the labour market in Spain is rather inflexible and I did not want to be absent from my home 12 hours a day having just moved my children from London to Madrid.

When I came across TEFL, I just thought, why not? This could work for me. I was unsure at the start as I am not a linguist and had zero teaching experience but I can speak English like a native so I gave it a go.

John Bouse’s TEFL course was absolutely amazing and fun. It covers all aspects of teaching English as a foreign language in a very hands on manner. You get to practice as you learn which I believe is the best teaching approach. John makes you feel welcome, capable and valuable from the start. He illustrates his teaching with myriad examples and anecdotes. He also likes to put you on the spot and gets you out of your comfort zone so that you experience how it feels to learn and teach a new language. For example, a friend of his gave us two lessons in a foreign language that none of us spoke. What an eye opener!

Although I knew from the start that I wanted to use my professional background to focus on teaching professionals to improve their ability to speak in meetings, conference calls, whilst travelling, etc., I enjoyed all aspects of the course.

I do not teach grammar but concentrate on speaking and listening skills which are really sought after. Many adult Spaniards have a good command of grammar and a sizeable vocabulary but they will really struggle to communicate in English. I am honoured to be able to help them communicate in a foreign language which, after all, is what a language is for. Best of all, I have managed to reinvent myself whilst keeping a healthy work-life balance and, most importantly, whilst meeting very interesting people and enjoying myself. I truly recommend it.

Why don’t you give it a go like I did?

Maria Luisa Fernandez-Llanio 
December 4, 2015

Dear Potential TEFL Teachers,

There are not many things in life that are more stressful than moving to a new country and looking for a way to make a living when you get there. I had searched for months for work and a legitimate way to live in Spain, but I kept running into dead ends. Then, I happened upon Canterbury’s website. I was skeptical at first; it seemed too good to be true. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome though. Everything that was stated on their website is true. The people at Canterbury made this process very easy for me. After being denied so many times and jumping through some hoops, it was nice to find a group of people that followed through on what they said they were going to do. They were quick when responding to my emails and sending me all of the information that I requested to complete my visa process.

The professionalism did not stop there though. When I arrived in Madrid for my orientation they had information on apartments, banks, cell phones, and other things that anyone moving would need help with. The TEFL course is well taught and gives you the exact skills you need to successfully teach English. I am not a teacher by profession so I was very unsure how all this was going to play out. Canterbury has followed through on providing teaching hours, materials, and a good working environment. Now I am now making enough money to truly enjoy my time here in Spain. You have the flexibility to decide what classes you want to teach or not teach, which allows you to customise your schedule and how you spend your time abroad. I highly recommend Canterbury Consulting Spain to anyone interested in a very straight forward way to travel and work abroad. Teaching is something that I never knew I would enjoy, but thanks to Canterbury I do, and now I am certified to teach TEFL almost anywhere I want.


Jason Shelley TEFL Class of October, 2014

Dear TEFL Teachers,

When I first decided to teach English abroad I knew I wanted to do as much research as possible on where I would get my certification. When I learned about Canterbury I soon found out that not only did their program meet all the standards of a recognized certification, they were also extremely helpful with assistance and advice. They helped me feel comfortable about making such a huge life transition. Once I started the program, I met a lot of awesome people that are still my close friends today. The TEFL course was extremely informative and John Bouse is an excellent teacher. I am very happy with my decision to certify through Canterbury and I enjoy working for the school to this day.

Also, I would be more than happy to communicate with any prospective TEFL students that are looking to speak with a former student.


Stephanie Davino TEFL Class of August, 2014


My decision to attend Canterbury Consulting, to earn my TEFL was a good one and has been very beneficial.

When searching for an academy to attend, I knew I specifically wanted actual teaching experience in the form of an internship. While other schools offered six-to-ten hours of training, Canterbury offered twenty hours of internship. Also, I read an independent review on one of their previous student’s blogs. This is what actually sold me.

The training was not what I expected. The two weeks of theory (grammar) were tough and eye opening. The four-week class was quite challenging. It provided me with a base to be able to go out now with the confidence that I needed and teach English as a second language.

Romita Blackfeather TEFL Class of August, 2013

Dear Future TEFL Students:

I participated in the TEFL summer course with Canterbury Consulting Spain in the summer of 2013, and it was one of the best summers of my life. Unlike ordinary TEFL courses, this course provided the opportunity to receive real-life experience (and paid!) at a summer camp in Spain. The TEFL coursework in Madrid was greatly intensified, with classes lasting 8 hours a day and homework and projects due every day. While those two weeks were tough, I would not have been able to work at the camp without the knowledge and skills gained in those courses. Plus, the TEFL certificate earned in those courses and the subsequent internship gives me the opportunity to travel and teach English anywhere in the world for the rest of my life.

Once we arrived at camp, I feel like my summer really began. I was placed at La Granja outside of Barcelona and quickly fell in love with the camp and the people who worked there. The first week the other Americans and I shadowed other counsellors to get used to the layout and the philosophy of the camp. La Granja focuses on emotional education, so we received several quick lessons on what emotional education is and how to incorporate it into all of the camp activities. The second week was a planning week in which we received the names and ages of our kids, the themes for every week, and the location of our classrooms. This week was dedicated to preparing lesson plans as we would be teaching English classes for an hour and a half every day. Although this was difficult as we did not know the level of English to prepare for, the preparations I made during this week were a life saver once camp started and life got hectic! The last five weeks of the summer I was a monitor for the English immersion day camp. I was responsible for 14 kids between the ages of 11 and 13, and I led those kids through their daily activities and taught an English class every day. While this may seem intimidating because of the language barrier (even if you know Spanish, they speak Catalan and you're not allowed to speak in a language other than English to encourage the kids to speak English), we all had an assistant who spoke English, Spanish and Catalan. The summer flew by and I continue to keep in touch with many of my kids through Twitter and Facebook.

More than just the typical camp experience, I also gained lifelong friendships with many of the other monitors who work there and my assistant. Furthermore, I gained an appreciation for the region and the culture and was able to experience a part of the world in a real, non-touristy way. I would definitely recommend the summer program to anyone who is looking to immerse yourself in a new culture and gain TEFL experience working with kids.

Kerrie Holloway TEFL Class of June, 2014

Dear Potential TEFL Teachers,

The Canterbury Madrid summer (June) course was a memorable one. This course gives you the best of both worlds, the class and then the experience. It is a two-week course, approx. 8 hour days of classes. This may seem a long time but after these two weeks, you are given the opportunity to receive your teaching experience at summer camps in Spain.

During the two weeks, you are taught the entire curriculum that will help you write lesson plans and then teach in a classroom. I felt 100% prepared to teach after two weeks. We worked hard and learned a lot! My professor, John Bouse will always be someone to remember. He is a very inspirational and approachable person. He wants to make sure you have your best experience and become the teacher you want to be. I was very impressed with the everyday schedule of the class, steady breaks and movement within the class. You are able to interact with people you have never met in a foreign place. There is nothing more life changing than taking yourself outside of your comfort zone. Not only meeting new people but also interacting with people of a different language. The class was well organized and we were given hand outs that I still use when I tutor here in the United States.

At Canterbury, you are welcomed kindly and any questions you have are answered right away. After the two-week classes are complete Canterbury places you in different camps which best fits you. After two weeks I moved to Barcelona with four other English teachers. We started our new journey at a summer camp, 40 minutes outside of the city in the beautiful mountains. The first two weeks you are training or student teaching. You are given this time period to get comfortable before the camp starts. You prepare for your classes, students and write two weeks worth of lesson plans to hand in for the completion of the course.

La Granja was one of the best experiences of my life. I spent 12 weeks with fifteen, 9-10-year-olds. This camp was not only English class but also activities. We had two hours of English class daily and the other hours were spent instructing the students in different outdoor/indoor activities in English. We were given assistants who spoke both English and Spanish that helped us throughout the challenges.

The English teachers I went with are four individuals I still keep in touch with weekly. After learning many creative ways to teach English as a Second Language we had awesome ideas to teach and interact with the students every day. I have never been happier with an experience in my life. Two weeks in a classroom, working hard and learning everything you need to and then receiving the experience at the same time in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I am very pleased with Canterbury and would be willing you speak with anyone who is ever interested in joining this summer program. I am thankful for what they taught me and I plan on using my certification in the near future.


Margaret Infantino TEFL Class of June, 2013

Dear Potential TEFL Teachers,

I participated in Canterbury Consulting’s 2013 Summer TEFL course and had an incredible experience. I cannot speak highly enough of the organization and the course. I had some concerns about finding housing for the training portion in Madrid and being in a new city alone, but the team was so helpful giving me suggestions on where to stay, what to bring, and what to expect.

They helped make it a seamless transition so I could focus on the course and be exploring all Madrid has to offer. The course itself was the perfect mix of theory and practical experience. I was nervous about being ready to handle kids at the summer camp after only two weeks of training, but their teachers more than prepared me for the challenge. Not only did they equip us with the tools to plan fun and effective lessons for all age groups, but they also gave us opportunities to practice and refine our new skills before heading off to camp. The teachers were experienced and genuinely cared about our success in and outside the classroom. For the post-course portion, I was sent to the camp “La Espuela” in Avila where I was able to shadow counsellors and learn about the responsibilities of working in a camp setting. By the end of the week, I was confident enough to lead my own sessions and be an active member of the team. I could not have done it without Canterbury’s training.

Their classroom to camp model is excellent and the staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to making it a rewarding experience. I’m grateful for the opportunity to spend the summer doing something new and exciting in a foreign city and know it would not have been possible without Canterbury. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to spend time teaching abroad, whether experienced and well travelled or not at all. You can’t go wrong!


Amanda Catalina TEFL Class of June, 2013

Dear Teachers,

I took the TEFL course with Canterbury Consulting and now I am a certified TEFL teacher. I have been teaching for 2 years with Canterbury Consulting and the experience has been amazing. The staff is professional, friendly and helpful with anything I need from asking for help with the extensive resources they offer at their library to a restaurant recommendation. They are always encouraging and provide excellent service. I always feel welcome and appreciated. The social events are great and I have met many teachers from all over the world. My experience with Canterbury Consulting has been very valuable and I know they are always there for support.

Rachel Gonzalez TEFL Class of August, 2013

Dear Potential TEFL Teachers,

My name is Marlowe Gregorio, a 24-year-old college graduate from California. I spent two amazing summers working with Canterbury English Adventures Camp, and also took their TEFL course back in June of 2012. I first heard about Canterbury during my senior year at university. With graduation approaching fast, I began looking into different ways of teaching English abroad – something that I’ve always wanted to do. I quickly found that Canterbury and its TEFL program seemed to be quite popular on Google. After taking a deeper look at the academy website and summer camp TEFL program in Spain, I immediately decided that this was the perfect opportunity for me. I followed all the necessary procedures to apply, and just two weeks after graduating in May, I was off to Madrid, where I would spend the next month in a TEFL intensive course.

The first two weeks of the course consisted of two main class sections. In the mornings, we had more children specific classes and workshops. We learned how to deal with all types of age groups and personalities, and did quite a lot of roleplaying in order to better prepare us for camp. We also learned a wide variety of games and activities that I still use in my classes today. After a quick lunch break, we continued the day with classes more geared toward adult students. Here, we focused more on theory and grammar. It also included a great refresher section on English grammar and other technicalities that I hadn’t really covered since the 6th grade. It’s honestly surprising how much you learn about your own native language once you begin teaching it. Here, we went over the various methods of teaching one to one classes, small and large group classes, and giving larger lectures and presentations. This part of the course was taken with eager students from all over the US, Canada, and the UK. I met a ton of people, and even though we had class every day, we made sure to make the most out of our time in Madrid and took in the sites and the city every chance we got. It helped that class was located in Malasaña, one of Madrid’s beautiful and vibrant central neighborhoods.

The second two weeks of the course consisted of practical internships at one of Canterbury’s many partner camps around Spain. Here, our class split up into various groups, getting intense training at camps in Madrid, Barcelona, Cuenca, and other cities. I ended up being trained at a fantastic multi-adventure camp at Cei El Jarama, just an hour outside of Madrid. Here, we got to see how everything is run from group level, and got paired with Spanish counsellors, observing and helping them out throughout the day. It was a great way to see the logistical side of the camp first hand. Seeing the various workshops, games, and activities really gave us some great ideas to bring to our own camp.

After a very packed and intensive June, we were finally prepared for our very own camp experience with English Adventures. We drove up to the site, located just outside of Cuenca, a few days early to set everything up before the kid’s arrival. With lush, green mountains, a bustling river, high-ropes course, and zip line, the last thing I could do was complain that this would be my workplace for the next month. The camp was divided into two sections, English workshops, and multi-adventure. While we had a separate, certified team running the various multi-adventure activities, such as paintball, kayaking, and zip lining, as English teachers, our team was in charge of running the various workshops. These included activities such as cooking, arts and crafts, film production, photography, health and wellness, and dance. While we did these workshops in smaller class groups, each typical day was accompanied by both afternoon and night activities that included the entire camp. These included a fashion show, casino night, disco night, Olympic games, water park day, and a Halloween carnival, just to name a few. My first month working with English Adventures flew by, and even though we were quite busy, the days always ended feeling fully satisfied and content with the day’s work and activities.

Participating in Canterbury’s TEFL Summer Camp Course was an amazing experience. Since I had such a wonderful time at camp and in Spain, I decided to continue living in Madrid, teaching English. I’m now going on my second year here, and it’s all thanks to my fantastic, first experiences and memories with Canterbury.


Marlowe Gregorio TEFL Class of June, 2013

My name is Megan Dorris and in June and July of 2012, I participated in the Canterbury TEFL course and worked at the CanterburyEnglish Adventures Camp. I arrived at the beginning of June and studied for two weeks in Madrid. Our class was in the city center and I was easily able to find a hostel nearby to stay in for the duration of the course. Each day our classes started around 9 and ended at about 4 with a short break for lunch in the middle. My classes in the morning focused specifically on teaching English to children, while in the afternoon, we learned more about working with adults and teaching higher levels of English. We learned games to play with children, as well as simple grammar tips and tricks that could be used to teach adults. I also learned an amazing amount from my teachers about how to engage my students while maintaining control and command of the class at all times. Even as a native English speaker, I was able to learn a great deal about teaching sentence structure, parts of speech, and verb conjugation.

In class, I met other students from all over the United States, Canada, and the UK that were also enrolled in the course and I explored the city with them each afternoon. Even with our busy class schedule, I still had plenty of time to see the sights in Madrid and enjoy my time in the city.

The first two weeks of the class went by quickly and we soon moved on to the second stage of the course. During the second half of June, I was placed in a camp for training. I worked about an hour outside of Madrid at a multi-adventure summer camp for kids. There, we were able to see a Spanish camp in action. We learned how activities were run, the role of the counsellors, various camp games and activities, and what it was like to work with Spanish children. After two weeks of training, we were ready to begin working at English Adventures.

At the beginning of July, the Canterbury directors helped us gather our things and move to the English Adventures campsite. As counsellors, we were given separate living courters from the children and a day or two to prepare before the campers arrived. Then, the next month was a whirlwind. We awoke around 8 each morning to eat breakfast with the campers and break into our separate groups. Each counsellor was assigned different activities to lead throughout the day, ranging from sports, to arts and crafts, to cooking, to filming our own music videos with the children. The activities were conducted solely in English (with the help of a bit of miming and gestures sometimes) and were different each day. The counsellors were given several short breaks throughout the day, but with the wide range of activities and never-ending energy of the children, the month of work at English Adventures flew by. We had dance parties, a carnival, hiking excursions, a bit of pool time each day, and even our own MTV-style video awards ceremony. The job requires a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and creativity, but it is an unforgettable experience.

Working with Canterbury through both the TEFL course and the English Adventures summer camp was an incredible experience that led not only to a TEFL certificate and a fun summer job, but also helped me make the decision to live in Madrid for the rest of the year. I have now returned to Spain for another year of teaching and couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Megan Dorris TEFL Class of June, 2012


Romantic and poetic Spain is waiting for you to broaden your horizons, enhance your education and gain valuable experience for your career by teaching English in beautiful, sunny Madrid. Fun and excitement in the capital of Spain, where the night life is legendary. As the world renowned Spanish poet, Federico Garcia Lorca wrote, The air of Andalusia / gilded his head / where his smile was a flower of wit and intelligence. / What a great torero in the ring! / What a good farmer in the Sierra! / How gentle with the wheat! / How hard with the spurs! / How tender with the dew! / How dazzling the fiesta! Spain and the Spanish are all this and more.


If you would really like to immerse yourself in the vividness of Spain and follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway, what could be better than earning a valuable TEFL Certificate and a job teaching English, as well as improving on or learning Spanish, in the vibrant, beating heart of downtown Madrid? The Canterbury International TEFL Certificate is part of Canterbury English, which is a member of both TESOL and the College of Teachers, with highly qualified and motivated trainers and staff, for which we have been awarded the Madrid City, Golden Laurel. Come to work and study with us, where the practical learn by doing approach is combined with the vivacious Spanish culture.


From its stunning beaches to its medieval castles, Spain is a country as diverse as the Roman, Jewish and Arab cultures that have influenced its art, architecture, music and lifestyle. It is a land where cathedrals, palaces, flamenco guitars and dancers, friendly tapas bars, famous museums and folklore festivals, make it a unique and enchanting place to work, study and enjoy the Spanish art of living.


The Spanish coast and islands are the most popular vacation spots of Europe, while Madrid is the most exciting capital city of Europe. Rich in history and tradition, it provides the perfect surroundings to live and work. You will delight in discovering the world famous Prado and Reina Sofia Museum, the Plaza Mayor, the magnificent Retiro Park and Botanical Garden, as well as the Rastro, Madrid's famous street market. After these visits, we recommend going to any of Madrid's popular tascas (taverns), where you will find a vast array of tapas (canapes). Night owls can enjoy the many late night bars and terrace cafes that the city has to offer.


What distinguishes the highly selective Canterbury International TEFL Certificate is not only that it is a fully accredited course by the College of Teachers in London, England, but also that all successful students are given a paid job teaching with Canterbury English in Madrid, upon completion of the course. The 120-hour course is highly intensive, with practical case studies and a learn-by-doing approach. Because you immediately become an integral part of our teaching services to clients, you are given high-level support for all of your teaching needs. Our director of studies provides you with essential materials and experienced guidance for your immediate hands on teaching practice. In addition, we have an excellent, highly educated and experienced staff of TEFL trainers who teach the course. Moreover, you can learn or improve your Spanish in our intensive Spanish programme that we organise for our English teachers, to fully integrate yourself into Spain and the Spanish culture. However, don’t just take our word for it, please click on our web page at and read the testimonials on our homepage. These clear, well thought out essays were written by past students (people just like you), describing their experiences at Canterbury. They enable you to obtain firsthand information about the programme. In fact, most people who apply for the programme check off “Word of Mouth” on the application form as to how they first found out about Canterbury.


You are also warmly welcomed into the Canterbury Club, an association of professors and students from all over the world, which sponsors a variety of exciting cultural activities every month. A sample of some of the activities include: CULTURAL DAY TRIPS AROUND SPAIN: Wild Horse Round –Up in Galicia in July, La Tomatina in Buñol in August, Grape Picking & Stomping Party in El Molar in October, Don Quijote Road Trip in November, Day Hike in Patones in December, Ski Trip in the Local Sierra Mountains in January, Segobriga Roman Ruins Trip in February, Las Fallas of Valencia in March, La Feria of Seville in April, The Celtic Iberian town of Numancia and on the Trail of Dinosaurs in Soria in May. MADRID FIESTAS: Capea de Toros and Barbecue in May, Teachers of the Year Graduation & Pizza Party in May, Football Match (professors vs. students) & Picnic with Sangria in Retiro Park in June, Terraza Night in June, 50’s Night & 4th of July Party, Outdoor Movie Night in August, Irish Pub Nights in September & October, Real Madrid Football Night in November, Thanksgiving Potluck Holiday Bash the fourth Thursday of November, Christmas Party in December, Bowling Night in January, Flamenco Night in February, Billards Tournament Night in March, and Karaoke Night in April. These events help form a part of the cultural vision of studying, teaching and having fun, which is very important at Canterbury.


Your classes will take place under the perennial blue-sky and sun of historic Madrid in businesses, schools and private homes. You will travel by metro or by bus to the client and in between classes you can enjoy the marvels of the Spanish capital, as well as reading or studying in coffee shops and internet cafes. Your students will be a mixture of children, teenagers, adults and professionals of all English levels. You will usually teach one to one as well as small groups (2-5 people), and occasionally big groups (6-20 people). You will travel to the homes, offices or schools where your students live or work throughout Madrid to teach these classes. You will also receive the essential guidance and experienced advice from our Director of Studies, as well as other TEFL trainers, faculty, and school staff. The Canterbury TEFL offices are located in the heart of downtown Madrid, surrounded by beautiful buildings from the 18th century, very near to the famous Alonso Martinez Square and metro station.


The requirements for the TEFL Certificate programme and the teaching position (we can only guarantee jobs to students who have completed our TEFL programme) is to be a native English speaker or fluent in English. In the application process, we will take into full account your higher education and prior work experience.


The TEFL course usually begins on the Monday of the first week of most months of the year. See our web page for exact start dates and more details at


*** AUGUST 7, 2017 TO SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 ***

** SEPTEMBER 4, 2017 TO SEPTEMBER 29, 2017**


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