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Academic Manager (AM) Position in Vietnam

Atlantic Education Group
Job Description

Academic Manager (AM) Position in Vietnam

Reporting line: 
Report to: Project Director 
Supervision exercised: Academic Coordinator, Teachers

The Academic Manager (AM) will report to the Project Director Head of Schools Link program. The Academic Manager will provide overall leadership for the Schools Link teaching team. The Academic Manager will work with the Project Director and Deputy General Director to develop programs that meet schools’ requirements.

Key Accountabilities: 
1. Provide the Schools Link teaching team with academic management and support 
2. Design placement tests/progress tests/and final tests for schools (primary, secondary and high schools) 
3. Develop the program in primary, secondary and high schools for both students and teachers so as it is very prescriptive and effective. Revise and update the developed program once every semester. 
4. Develop, manage the development of Schools Link programs, which include: 
a. selecting appropriate course books and implementing curricula (grade 1 to 12, with first priority will be grade 6 to 12) 
b. developing daily and weekly lesson guides (pacing guides) for teachers to follow, and, similarly, lessons/study plan for students; 
c. developing grammar content to help students with state exams (in coordination with Vietnamese Academic Advisor); 
d. developing supplementary materials of high interest to learners; 
e. developing an ongoing improvement process with regular course review and modification to better fit changing requirements from schools and Department of Education and Training. 
f. Work with academic team to develop extra curriculum for students and schools in Schools Link system. 
5. Provide leadership in induction, training, mentoring, observing, managing, supporting, and organizing a growing team of Native English teachers and Vietnamese Teacher assistants Teachers. Develop a reliable system to monitor the quality of the teaching team and the learning programs. Induction contents/orientation/plan and teachers observation schedule should be worked out for the whole year and agreed with the line manager at the beginning of school year. 
6. Coordinate with HR/teacher recruiters to recruit teachers for the projects. 
7. Provide on-going teacher development for the team. 
8. Set up KPI for teachers and the department, performance review for teachers. 
9. Develop and conduct teacher workshops at schools to help them increase the quality of their schools’ English teaching team. Facilitate, develop and implement training for teachers of district department. 
10. Work closely with schedulers of the project and at schools to make sure teachers are used most effectively in line with their skills and experience. 
11. Attend monthly/quarterly Academic meeting at schools. Be involved in relationship building between Atlantic, schools, government, and other related parties with coordination and support from line manager and board of management if required. 
12. To be Atlantic’s representative to judge contests, English festivals, Atlantic – Schools co-organized events, and attend all kind of government/school ceremonies at public schools in Hanoi and other provinces. 
13. Managing the assessment and reporting procedures very clearly and in a timely fashion, with ongoing and formal tests, and reporting on student progress to schools and parents. 
14. Be involved in marketing, organizing and supervising activities promoting the Schools Link project. The activities should include but not limited to demo lessons during weekdays/weekends if required. 
15. Work closely with Operation team dealing with customers' complain (students, parents, schools); 
16. Work closely with Operation team dealing with regular and irregular inspection from MOET and DOET. 
17. Participate in teachers recruitment (ideas in sourcing candidates, interviewing and making hiring decision) 
18. Suggest an Academic Management Team/structure that meets the changing needs of the SL program while being cost effective. 
19. Assist in developing/preparing successor(s) for the AM position. 
20. Teach in some high raking schools if/when appropriate 
21. Other tasks may be assigned when needed by management board

Key Selection Criteria: 

1. Demonstrated and extensive experience in teachers development/management 
2. Skilled in courses/curriculum development/revision (for whole school year/monthly/weekly/daily break-down) 
3. Demonstrated ability to develop collaborative work teams in a professional environment 
4. At least two years management experience and four years teaching experience 
5. Can-do-attitude

1. Experience in working with the same position in Vietnam or Asian countries 
2. Demonstrated knowledge of trend and best practice in public secondary & high schools in Vietnam 

1. University Degree or equivalent 
2. Delta or MA in education

1. Post graduate or Masters degrees

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