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ENGLISH INSTRUCTOR to begin in mid-January in Taiwan

Leader Language Schools
Job Description

ENGLISH INSTRUCTOR to begin in mid-January in Taiwan

LEADER LANGUAGE SCHOOLS in Taiwan seek one ENGLISH INSTRUCTOR to begin in mid-January in Taiwan

WHO WE ARE: Founded in 1999, Leader Language Schools are English language institutes in central Taiwan. We teach the four skills of listening, reading, speaking, and writing to youths up to eighteen years old, with some adult tutorials. We have had considerable success in preparing students for the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), which is recognized by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

WHERE WE ARE: LEADER has three branches in Changhua, a mid-sized city which is bordered by Ba Gua Mountain, where residents can enjoy hiking, biking, tennis, golf, swimming, bird-watching, etc. One of the largest free-standing statues of Buddha in Southeast Asia is on Ba Gua Mountain.

Changhua is also only a 20-minute train ride north to Taiwan's 3rd largest city called Taichung, which has a population of over one million people and is full of wonderful restaurants, department stores, and parks.

Our branches have the advantage of being centrally located on the western plains of the island. With the High Speed Rail, the northern and southern cities of Taiwan are now easily accessible within one hour and the beautiful beaches of Kenting are only three hours away.

WHO WE SEEK: We employ primarily North Americans with four-year degrees in ANY field to teach English. Experience in teaching, coaching, or mentoring is preferred.

WHAT TEACHERS DO: Teachers have a mix of group classes and tutorials from different ages and levels. Teachers do not teach the same age group, day-in day-out. Each class has at least one native speaker teacher and one Taiwanese teacher of English. These two teachers are not in the class at the same time, but coordinate classes together. Foreign teachers must write comments on report cards and grade essays, but most of the homework is graded by the Taiwanese teachers.


Five-day-a-week schedule: The starting base hourly pay is $NT610 ($US 18-20 teaching hr.) & a guaranteed MINIMUM of 20 teaching hrs./wk. With an average of 25 teaching hours per week, a teacher would make roughly NT$60,000 (around US$2000). There are MANY of opportunities for extra hours/pay and yearly increases.

HOURS: Hours at LEADER are similar to a middle-shift. Teachers enjoy having their mornings free for their personal activities and exploring Taiwan. Teachers come in one hour before their first class of the day to prepare for lessons and conclude after their last class. Mon. through Fri.; Tues. -Sat.; Or a split-day option.

* Advances on pay to assist in start-up costs. 
* NT $610/ class hr. 
* Yearly increases 
* End-of-year bonus 
* Our teachers have also participated in ESL research studies/ curriculum design/voice recordings, summer camps, etc. (for extra pay).

-FREE airport pick-up & orientation. 
-We pay the major portion (based on the official government-provided salary chart) of your national health insurance. 
-PAID five-day practice teaching during training period, $550/class hour, when time is spent in front of any class. 
-Pre-planned lessons, but a flexible curriculum. 
-Assistance in processing and sponsorship of work visa & Alien Residence Card (ARC). 
-Reduced Rent- individual housing with private bathroom in the LEADER Teachers' House (Around US$200/mo.). If residing in the "Teachers' House," the remainder of first month’s rent is FREE! All utilities except electric are FREE! 
-Assistance in setting up a bank account. 
-Guidance in filing and reclaiming government taxes. Income taxes are 18% for the first 182 days in Taiwan, but then recalculated at 5% based on annual earnings and you are eligible for a REBATE of the difference.


*At least a Bachelor's degree holder from an accredited North American college/university in ANY field. We prefer degrees related to TESOL/TEFL, English, Linguistics, and/or Education, but ANY degree holder will be considered.

*One who has experience working with children (teaching, mentoring, tutoring, coaching experience).

*We desire energetic teachers for lively classes. (FYI: Our current staff and faculty are generally non-smokers).

*Flexible in accepting periodic schedule changes.

*One who will commit to AT LEAST one year in Taiwan.

*Has a genuine interest in learning Mandarin Chinese and/or Taiwanese: It gives a teacher a sense of how difficult it is to learn a language, as well as an appreciation of the culture, (not to mention facilitate living in Taiwan).

*Sociable and friendly to students, staff, parents, and fellow teachers.

*Single (We currently only have ONE position open at a time).

Want more info? Visit our Facebook Page: "Leader Language Schools," Youtube Channel "Leaderschools," or Check out our website at: 
We also have testimonials of past teachers, and pictures of our schools/ teachers' apartment units available upon request.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please CUT and PASTE your brief cover-letter, resume, and two references' contact info. (former employers or professors) directly into e-mail to:

(Please do NOT send any attachments yet). If chosen by our selection committee, we shall wish to set up a Skype video interview. We will THEN ask for a jpg of your diploma and the picture page of your valid North American passport. Applying for a work permit in Taiwan requires a criminal background check. A health screening will be conducted at a hospital in Taiwan.

Leader Language School Main Branch: 278 Minzu Rd. Changhua, Taiwan

Contact: Jay Locher 
Director of Recruitment 
Leader Language Schools 
Changhua, Taiwan 



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