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Non-tenure Track Full-time Positions at Kyonggi University, Suwon, South Korea

Kyonggi University
Job Description

Non-tenure Track Full-time Positions at Kyonggi University, Suwon, South Korea

We are seeking experienced, committed, and qualified professors to teach College English at Kyonggi University as of March 1, 2018.

[APPLICATION AREA : College English]

[volume of recruitment : OO persons]

a. Applicants should have nationality of the country that uses English as a 
native language or official language with 
(1) At least two years of full-time teaching experience at college or university in Korea as an assistant / associate / full professor 
(2) At least two years of teaching experience at college or university in Korea as a visiting professor or a part-time instructor

● Teaching experiences at a language center or a continuing education center are not acceptable 
● If an applicant is currently working at a college or university in Korea for the 2nd semester of 2017, that career is considered as one-semester experience. If, however, he/she quits this current career before Feb. 28th 2018, only the period from the beginning date to the resignation date of the 2nd semester of 2017 is considered

b. Applicants must be eligible for the appointment according to Private University Faculty Appointment Regulations

c. If an applicant who has an experience in teaching at Kyonggi University as a full-time lecturer (or assistant professor) has been dismissed due to the failure of contract renewal through the contract-renewal-evaluation, the school will not accept his/her application.

a. Position : Assistant professor (E-1 visa required) 
b. Period of contract : Two years with a possible extension upon evaluation 
c. Duty hours : Teaching 15 hours of credit courses per week during the academic semester 
● Salary will be curtailed based on teaching hours unless the professor meets the 
required teaching hours. 
● In case of teaching more than the required teaching hours per week, the professor 
will be paid extra at the overtime rate set by Kyonggi University. 
d. Office hours : Minimum 4 hours per week (Professors work five days per week) 
e. Work place : Suwon Campus, with a possibility of being assigned classes at the Seoul Campus. 
f. Starting annual salary : 32.4 million Korean Won (Twelve-month-based salary) 
● Housing or housing support are not provided 
g. Benefit : Subsidized Korea Teachers Pension and medical insurance 
h. Vacation : Summer and winter vacation 
I. Retiring allowance : Will be given by the Korea Teacher¡¯s Pension center after resignation

College English : English conversation, English reading, English writing, English presentation and additional English elective courses

a. Application(CV (resume)), letter of self introduction, sample lesson plan, teaching philosophy 
b. A letter of consent (agreement to collect and use personal information) 
c. Degree certificates (bachelor's, master's (doctorate, if applicable)) 
d. Official transcripts of all courses of bachelor's, master's (doctorate, if applicable) degree 
e. Career certificates officially issued by a university in Korea. 
(information of the department, position, work period, teaching hour & subjects should be 
included on the certificates.) 
f. Copies of any other certificates (if applicable) 
● Submit the copies with ¡°This document is an exact copy of the original¡± written by applicant on each copy 
g. A copy of passport (front page) 
h. A copy of the alien registration card (both front and back)_(if applicable) 
I. A recent letter of recommendation (if applicable) 
j. Other documents required for E-1 visa (after hired) 
● Kyonggi University reserves the right to revoke any appointment of those applicants who have falsified his or her application data or documents 
● If the documents are not printed in Korean or English, the applicant should submit the translated documents in Korean or English with one¡¯s signature 
k. A copy of dissertation of the highest academic degree (after hired)

[Note for submitting documents] 
a. Only the forms provided by the university are acceptable and all documents should be submitted by e-mail ( 
● Download address 5710&pF=1&lgF=1&mzcode=K00M03000902&orgCd=K020601

b. Applications will be disqualified if any of the required documents are not submitted

a. Application deadline: by 3:00 P.M. December 21st (Thu) 2017. 
b. Announcement of the result for screening & evaluation : January 3rd (Wed) 2018. 
c. Interview: January 11th (Thu) 2018. (10 minute demo lesson & 10 minute interview) 
● Interview by Skype is possible only for the residents abroad 
d. Final announcement: in the middle of February, 2018. (depending on the Board of Trustee¡¯s schedule)

● Dates and time are based on Korean Standard Time 
● Only eligible candidates after screening & evaluation will be contacted for an interview 
● Announcement for successful candidates will be notified by e-mail individually 
● Schedules above are subject to change due to the internal situation of university, so 
the applicant has to check this advertisement again on the final day of this posting

[Application Address] 
a. Submit all documents by e-mail (

[For additional information] 
a. E-mail: 
b. College English Office : +82-31-249-9269 (from abroad), 031-249-9269 (in Korea)



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