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Teaching Positions in Kathmandu, Nepal

Job Description

Teaching Positions in Kathmandu, Nepal

Neo Lingua International Career Center (NLICC) is a ‘Private Limited’ company registered in Kathmandu, Nepal. Neo Lingua is launching an Australian ELICOS (AE3 to AE6) program in Kathmandu Nepal in early March, 2018. 
In 2019, Neo Lingua plans to open centers in Pokhara, Chitwan and Biratnagar- the other major cities in Nepal. 
NLICC plans to recruit teaching for ELICOS instruction.

Minimum Qualification: 
Bachelors Degree 

Basic Terms and Conditions of Employment 
The following are the most important terms and conditions of employment of teaching staff by NLICC. 
- Minimum contractual Period 
o 6 months for Expats 
*All teachers have the option to extend by another six months multiple times) 
- Monthly Salary: 
o NRS 100,000 (take home) for teachers having more than 5 years relevant experience 
o NRS 85,000 (take home) for teachers having more between 3 and 5 years relevant experience 
o NRS 80,000 (take home) for teachers having 2-3 years relevant experience 
- Benefits: 
o Subsidized Accommodation for house with 3 teachers 
Max rent to be borne by the company for 3 staff - NRS 30,000 per month. (All residing teachers will split the rent in excess of NRS 30,000 equally) 
*All teacher accommodation to be adequately furnished and equipped with a maid for cleaning and laundry

- Classroom Teaching hours per week for ELICOS AE3 to AE6: 20 hours 
- Additional Work per week: 15hours 
- 5 day work week with Saturday and Sunday off.

Living in Kathmandu 
There are many positives to living in Kathmandu. It’s the only city in the world with 7 World heritage sites. The architecture and art are unique. There are great views of Everest from the nearby hills. The people are friendly and respectful of foreigners. Also, for a short break, you can go to beautiful and pristine Pokhara, a lake city 200 Kilometers from Kathmandu with the most amazing views of the snowcaps, or to Chitwan, a tropical paradise 150 kilometers from Kathmandu. 
There’s a downside also. Inner Kathmandu is quite crowded, dusty and polluted, and yes, the traffic can be horrendous at times. Despite this, the ex-pat community in Kathmandu is sizeable and tourism is booming. 
Kathmandu is an extremely vibrant market for international education. There are an estimated 700 agencies in Kathmandu alone and approximately 12,000 Nepalese students traveled to Australia in 2016 for their studies.

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