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Online English Tutor

Nana B.
Job Description

Online English Tutor

Winkey Online English Academy

Company’s Website:

Company’s Background Information:

Winkey is a global community of English language educators and learners. Founded in May 2014 by Masahiko Saito and Julius Senara, Winkey has quickly become one of the popular and prestigious Online English Academies in China. With their vision of providing excellent tutoring service and mission of providing educational opportunities to language learners from across the world, Winkey continues to expand its teaching faculty by hiring and training new talents.

Why Work for Winkey?

  • Winkey has a welcoming work environment;
  • At Winkye, talent, creativity, diversity and collaborative spirit is encouraged and celebrated;
  • Winkey offers ample opportunities for professional growth and development through its online training programs;
  • Winkey offers competitive compensation;
  • Winkey offers flexible work hours; • Winkey tutors can work from any location;

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Being punctual and prepared for booked classes;
  2. Dressing professionally;

III. Plotting class schedules using the Web Account Tool;

  1. Review Student’s Daily Report (SDR) prior to the beginning of each lesson;
  2. Uploading the recorded video of your class to the cloud storage system provided;
  3. Submitting Student’s Daily Report (SDR) after completion of each class;

Teaching Hours:

Weekdays (Monday-Friday) Beijin Time: 6 pm-11 pm

Weekdays (Saturday-Sunday) Beijin Time: 10 am -11 pm

12 hours per week (minimum), 48 hours (minimum)

Who Are the Students: Winkey’s clients are mostly students from China. Students can be as young as 4 or 5 years of age. Most students are teenagers. Winkey does have adult students as well.

Who is the Ideal Candidate:

  • A caring and enthusiastic individual who is able to establish a strong and positive teaching/learning relationship with students;
  • A knowledgeable, organized, self motivated, punctual and committed individual;
  • An individual who has the discipline and motivation to work remotely (online) and enjoys a flexible working schedule;
  • An individual who is interested/ trained/ experienced in teaching English to ESL students;

Qualifications: · University Degree · TESL (or equivalent) · Online tutoring/ teaching experience (preferred)

Teaching Material: The following accessories will be purchased by Winkey from Amazon and shipped to your home address: Dry-Erase Whiteboard, Dry-Erase Markers, Flashcards. Books: Winkey has a wide selection of books for all ages and for different proficiency levels. Students choose their material when they book a session. You will be given free access to the material. Some of these books have teacher’s guide that feature questions and suggestion for how to better present/deliver the lesson.

Hiring Process

  1. As the designated “Representative” of Winkey, BrigtMinds Online School will do the screening interview which is a 15 to 20 minutes video Skype session. This is a meet and greet session. For this step, candidates must provide an up to date resume to and Skype ID.
  2. Resume and interview notes will be forwarded to Human Resource department of Winkey in China for approval and training. Because of the 13 hours time difference between Beijing and Ontario, the interviews will be conducted by BrightMinds to offer more scheduling flexibility. The resume and interview notes will be used by the China office to create a profile for each candidate.

III. All candidates will have to complete an online training session. Training is paid at $15/hour. Candidates will be given an online “Performance Test” at the end of the training to assess their knowledge of the content. Individuals have two attempts and must score 75% and higher to move on to the next round.

  1. Individuals who have successfully completed the training will be scheduled for a “Trial” class. This class will be recorded for performance review and compliance to the policies and expectations covered during the training. Individuals who do well will be offered a contract position.

Training Module Due to the nature of operation, Winkey relies heavily on technology to connect students to educators. Tutors will need the following three softwares for training. All softwares are made available to the tutors free of charge.

  1. Web Account Tool: The Web Account Tool is where you can plot your weekly schedule, view your class booking, and gather information from your previously booked classes. Here, you can also see your student’s name, class time, class material and the Student’s Daily Report (SDR).
  2. QQ Biz: QQ is an online communication platform. QQ contains the Winkey’s company directory where you can send direct instant messages to company’s personnel as well as students. In some cases, QQ might also be used to conduct online classes.
  3. ClassIn: ClassIn is the main virtual classroom for Winkey students. ClassIn is an easy to use software with a wide range of tools and features that can enable you to make your lessons more interesting and appealing to students.

Performance Review/Teacher Evaluation

To ensure quality of service, your performance will be reviewed once a month. You will be notified of the time and date of the evaluation. You will receive timely and constructive feedback. The following are criteria’s of performance review: • Teaching Content and Delivery (Please be informed that all classes are recorded); • Use of Softwares (QQ Biz. ClassIn, Web Account Tool); • Mastery of Winkey’s Policies and Procedures; • Attendance • Student/Parent Evaluation



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