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Teaching Positions in Suwon (30-40 minutes from Seoul)

Job Description

Teaching Positions in Suwon (30-40 minutes from Seoul)

*You must have a BA (any major) and a clean criminal background to get this job. 
*This job is in South Korea at a private after-school ESL institute for kids (mostly elementary school kids).

The advantages of this position: 
-This Hagwon is one branch of a large chain. 
-The class curriculum is fixed and most of the power point slides and presentations are already made for you to use. 
(but you can add more) 
-You will be paid 2,100,000 won per month (experienced teachers may receive more) 
*Hours are 2:00-10:00 p.m. M-F and a few hours on Saturday morning about once or twice a year for special events. 
-You will be given your own studio apartment with a heater, air conditioner, bed, table, chairs, fridge, stove, sink, window, washing machine, bathroom, cabinets, and closet. 
-The apartment is a 10-minute walk from your future workplace so you can save money and time. 
-There are five 7-11 style stores near the apartment that are open 24 hours and grocery stores in the area as well. 
-There are parks near the apartment with free exercise equipment and western style fast food places. 
-Suwon City Hall station is about a twenty-minute walk away, but its closer by taxi or bus. 
-You can reach Seoul from Suwon City Hall station in about 30-40 minutes. 
-You can meet the Native English Teacher whom you will be replacing and he will show you around the area and tell you what you need to do at work so it will be easy for you to get started. He will also give you extra teaching materials that he made. 
-The boss speaks English well and will answer your questions if you have any. 
-You will have a lot of free time at this job. You should first use it to be well-prepared for your classes, but you should still have plenty of free time left over.

Requirements for the position: 
-You must be a University graduate with a BA (any major). 
-You must be able to teach elementary school kids English well (emphasis on speaking in sentences). 
-Better if you have experience teaching in South Korea, but it's not necessary if you can do the job well. 
-Would prefer someone from the USA or Canada, but will consider people from other countries as well. 
-You must be healthy enough to pass a physical examination required by the Korean immigration department. This can be done in a hospital in Korea later on-it's not difficult. 
-You must have no criminal record and be able to pass a background check. 
-You must be flexible, adaptable, patient, positive, open-minded, tolerant, and resourceful so as to succeed at teaching in South Korea.

*It would be better for you to already be in S. Korea, but the right candidate can receive a plane ticket here and back home. 
Please send your resume, cover letter, and picture to 
I'd like to know what kind of education, experience, and/or character you have that makes you right for this position. Convince me! 
*Please be prepared to provide references. 
Thank you for your application. 



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