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Full Time English Teacher

Jeff Chang
Job Description

Full Time English Teacher

A. Job Information

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Job type: Full time (1 Year, renewable)

Start Date: September, 2014

Number hiring: One

School Type: Hagwon (Academy)

Student Age Range: Second Grade to Eighth Grade

Foreign Teachers Employed: 1 Full time, 1 Part time

Number of Korean Teachers: 1 Full time, Two ALT

Location: Daebang-dong, Changwon-si

Pay and Benefits

Monthly Salary: 2.1m KRW to 2.3 m KRW.

Housing: Rent-free housing in a private room with a housemate.

Flight: Round-trip flight is paid for by the employer

Health Insurance: Enrolled into the National Korean Healthcare Plan

Pension : Matched

Contract Completion Bonus: 2x pay on your final month

Working Hours/Days

Days: Mon-Fri, as well as 1 Saturday each month

Hours : 1:30 PM to 8:30 PM. (Arrive at 1:00)

Class Length: 50 Minutes

Class Size: One to Five students

Sick days/Vacation

Holidays: All national holidays are considered vacation days

Company vacation: For 1 week in the summer, the academy will close for a vacation for the teachers. This is an unpaid vacation.

Sick days: Sick days are flexible. The owner is very understanding towards personal circumstances. If you need a day off, give advance notice and the owner will try to accomodate you as best she can.

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B. Application information

________________________________________________________________ _____

For those interested in applying for this job, send an e-mail with an attached photograph and resume to

If you need additional information, also include relevant questions in the e-mail. Please set the subjects to “Application for DZ”.

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C. Qualifications

No experience required, but is a plus.

Must hold a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited University from America or Canada.

Must hold a valid US/Canadian passport.

No criminal record.

Must be able to provide University Transcripts

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D. Hiring Process

If we find that we are interested in your application, we will send a response to you as soon as possible. After that, we will begin the interview phase.

The interviews will be conducted over Skype, and will consist of some basic introductions, getting to know you, as well as a request for an impromptu English lesson. If you are a valid candidate, then we will send a contract over to you and let you know of all of the paperwork that we need. After all the paperwork is completed and you have your Visa in hand, then we will book a flight for you.

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E. First few weeks in Korea

We will try to arrange for someone to pick you up at the airport and give you a few days to get settled into the area. After that, you will being a paid one week training by the current foreign teacher. Once training has finished, then you will have the previous foreign teacher sit in your classes for 1 week to provide any more additional advice before he departs.

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