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Teaching Positions in Top International School

Raffles American School (RAS)
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Teaching Positions in Top International School

Raffles American School (RAS) aims to enact a change in Asia’s education. Our teachers believe that inquiry/project/play-based instruction are important elements of developing autonomous learning strategies and a lifelong love of creative discovery. We will demonstrate to the local community that a school adopting this ethos can follow Common Core Standards and meet WASC accreditation standards.

Most schools in Asia follow century-old traditions of “Chalk and Talk”, the direct instruction of information to students. The assembly line strategy of compartmentalizing education into finite sequences of route memorization was a trend that most world-class schools have abandoned. Although this “teaching to the test” approach works to ensure high test scores, it fails to inspire students to achieve beyond those tests. 

Longitudinal studies suggest that a child’s self-image and positive perspective about education is more important than achievement on tests when considering success after graduation. Further studies have shown that career choices, like becoming a scientist, can be inspired by inquiry-based and project-based instruction strategies. 

Already RAS has experienced remarkable success, becoming one of the fastest growing schools in Thailand. Parents, worried that their children no longer enjoy attending school, have come to us seeking an alternative to monotonous worksheets and drills. Because of a sudden increase in enrollment, RAS needs teachers for new sections of classes Kindergarten to Grade 3.

If you would like to become part of this shift in Asia’s education ideology, RAS is looking for qualified teachers. Because we have such rigorous standards for monitoring the individual learning path of each student, our teachers are rewarded with a generous number of number of holidays (less than 195 days of work per year) and light teaching loads.

Our campus is located in the suburbs of Bangkok, only 10 minutes from the public transportation skytrain, but away from downtown traffic and high rent prices. Our teachers usually spend less than 10,000 THB per month on rent for an apartment community with a swimming pool, gym, and lush gardens. With many acres of land still to develop, RAS plans to grow into a school that is competitive and fully equipped with modern facilities. Currently, we have more than 200 students, Preschool to Grade 8, but in the coming years, we will issue US accredited high school diplomas and Advanced Placement courses. Because RAS is part of a large, global education group (Raffles Education Group, Co. Ltd.), we have the support necessary to ensure success.

RAS is willing to reimburse teachers coming from abroad for their travel expenses. We offer medical/life/accident insurance and pay for visa, work permit, and re-entry permit fees. Our salaries are competitive, but our standards require that homeroom teachers have Qualified Teaching Status or a Teaching License from a Western government or accredited university program.

Although we have strict qualification requirements for homeroom teachers, we also have other positions available. Experienced IT, PE, Thai, Chinese, English, and Teacher Assistants are also needed to accommodate our rapidly increasing enrollment.

All positions are requested to start by 13 August. To apply, please send your CV to 

Join our Raffles team and help us grow into one of Thailand's best international schools. 



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