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[Suwon, Korea] 10 Bilingual Gyopo or Korean Teachers Needed

Tony Ahn
Job Description

[Suwon, Korea] 10 Bilingual Gyopo or Korean Teachers Needed

We are hiring avid Bilingual Gyopo or Korean teachers for the Established ESL School in Suwon.

Suwon is just 30km south of Seoul and the provincial capital and largest city with over one million population in Gyeonggi-do.

Teaching programs and curriculum have been well prepared around Listening, Writing, Reading, Speaking and those are

customized for each age group of Elementary and Junior High school students.

Please review the detailed job info below and anyone who's interested in this opportunity,

Make DIRECT application through our APPLY NOW site by visiting at


-Job Number: SWMEM14

-Job Type: Full Time (1 Year, Renewable)

-Start Date: Middle or End of May, 2014

-No. of Hiring: 10

-School Type: Academy

-Student Age: Ele - Middle

-No. of Foreign Teacher: 10

-No. of Korean Teacher: 12

-Location: Suwon, Gyeonggi-do

-Nearest Traffic Station: Hwa Seo Station (Line 1)

-Location Info:

-Housing Distance from School: (5-10) mins walking distance

-Monthly Salary: (2.0)M KRW - (2.3)M KRW

-Benefits Pack: Free Single Housing, Free Incoming Flight, 1 month Severance

-Vacation: (8) days paid vacation + All the National Holidays + (3) days sick Leave

-Weekly Working Days: Mon - Fri

-Daily Working Hours: (2)am ~ (10)pm

-Class Length: (40) mins

-Class Size: (12-14) students


Anyone who's interested in this opportunity, please make DIRECT application through our 'APPLY NOW' site by visiting

and be sure to input [SWMEM14] in job number field in the application form.

A representative will assist you shortly to initiate the placement process.

Simply sending resume alone will be disregarded.

We need additional application information to make a perfect match with right positions.

If you have any questions regarding the position, please let us know by sending email to for prompt



The entire placement process will usually take 1 - 2months from the point of application to actual start teaching.

We're laying the entire hiring process out from A to Z and helping our teachers through it step-by-step so they are comfortable

and know what is going on at all times. Please refer to below major steps you're going through;

> Step 1: Submit online application.

> Step 2: We will contact you shortly to further the process with full & detailed knowledge of your application and answering

your questions and the phone/in-person interview schedule will be set up.

> Step 3: The interview will be conducted taking about 30mins.

> Step 4: The offer will be given for your review and consideration.

> Step 5: Sign the contract and follow the E-2 visa (Legal Work Visa for English Teacher in Korea) procedure steps. (F4 visa

holders don't need to go through visa process)


No Experience Needed, All Majors Accepted.

- Be a native English speaker

- Hold a valid passport from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa

- Hold an apostilled copy of original bachelor degree from an accredited university

- Obtain a criminal background check with an authenticating Apostille document or notarization and certification from a Korean

Consulate (depending on country)

- You must not have a criminal record.

* TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certifications are preferred

* Any degree welcomed but preference given to education and English majors

* Don't need to know any Korean

* Proof documents will be asked during the official process

E. About gloii RS

gloii is a professional recruiting and English teacher placement agency operating in New York, London, Sydney and Seoul Korea.

We're providing comprehensive, knowledgeable and professional guidance to prospective ESL teachers

who have the sincere desire to come to South Korea to teach English while at the same time learning about the richness and

uniqueness of Korean culture and everyday life.

gloii has the recruiting network throughout Korea directly representing a great number of Public and Private schools and able to

get you the most established and reputable employers saving your valuable time and energy.

Our services are being offered free of charge for teachers.

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