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Translator & Interpretation

Riyo Okada
Job Description

Translator & Interpretation

Coordinator for Translator & Interpretation

Job Description:   You will be in-charge of coordinator for translation, Interpretation & other related services.

  • Responding to various questions from translators.
  • Staff arrangement, Schedule management.
  • Quality control (Internal check).
  • Billing Business.
  • Invent & implement ideas & business for new services.                        &nb sp;                         &nb sp;                       

Step 1:
First of all, you have to start from OJT who learns the flow of work from the senior. About knowledge of the industry, how to coordinate, points of view when checking in-house, etc. are to be learned.

Step 2:
We share what we are looking for from our sales staff, and we will accurately give instruction to our staff. Then think about what '' good translation'' is & understand.

Step 3:
As a matter of course, you will build a relationship of trust with the staff.
For the staff, you will be active as a good counselor on business.

Workplace environment are just like International environment, rich in global environment (enrolled from 6 countries in the company).
In our company corresponding to 167 languages, communication with foreign staff in a wide range of countries is becoming a big appeal. Also, employee's nationality is various.

 An international - rich workplace is an optimal environment for those who want to work in a global environment. Work itself is leading to international contribution. Talented people are highly motivated to join here.

Job Requirement:

  • Strong interest to work in translation industry, translation work, foreign talent are also encouraged to apply.
  • Over 1 year experience in social work (regardless of industry)
  • Japanese native language or native level speaker of Japanese.

 Preferable skill:

  • Working experience in translation industry.
  • TOEIC 800 or higher or equivalent English proficiency
  • Other language skills.

People who can sympathize with the feeling of '' providing a place of active excellence for excellent foreigners.''

  • Inexperience- Second graduate welcome.
  • Business level Japanese skills essential.
  • Welcome who can value communication
  • Focus on protecting rules within the team over excellent skills.


  1. Monthly salary more than 240,000 yen (including estimated overtime allowance 18 hours / 30,000 yen).
  • Over 18 hours will be separately paid.
  • Based on consideration of experience, ability, age, etc., it is decided according to our regulations.
  • Trial period is 3 months (There is no change in treatment during the period).

Miscellaneous allowances.

  1. Transportation expenses (maximum 27,000 yen / month).
  2. Overtime allowance (We do not recommend overtime as our company).
  3. (Raising · Bonuses) We judge every 6 months, once a year based on the salary increase / personal achievement and company's performance.
  4. Performance-linked bonus / maximum 4 times a year
  5. In the settlement of accounts every 3 months, 20% of net income is used as a source, and payment is made based on original assessment criteria

Location: 2-1-3 Hamamatsu Cho Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Working hours: 9: 00 ~ 18: 00

How to Apply -   Please send your resume at the following e-mail address:



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