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A perfect job on the southern coast of Jeju!

Jeffrey Luke Cenedella
Job Description

A perfect job on the southern coast of Jeju!

It is the perfect job for people who want to get out of big cities, see nature everyday, and at the best beaches on Jeju.   I have taught at this amazing school for 7 years   I have never had a single problem about pay, my boss actually organized my wedding, the location and apartment are super nice.  The only reason I am leaving is that I got in a car accident and need more physical therapy and rest. 

Every Friday is game day too.  I played Mario Kart on Thursday.

2.3 is the base salary but every teacher I know including the Korean teacher's make more than that.  

Another great thing is that you can choose the books you want to teach.  I love animals so I teach certain  National Geographic books and simple novels as well.

Please let me know if you are interested.  It is great job with so many perks I can't explain in one message.

Happy Holidays everyone!



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