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We currently are looking to hire certified professionals at two of our academies in Namak, Sejong, Korea

Job Description

We currently are looking to hire certified professionals at two of our academies in Namak, Sejong, Korea

We are a Private Educational instituition, headquartered in Seoul with academies all across the country. Our fundamental aim is to help and assist students in getting into the KEY universities which include Korea University, Ehwa Womens University, Yonsei University and Seoul National University.

Our structured curriculum and program develops students into achieving higher grades with an eye of getting into one of those unversities listed above. Those are the Top four universities in the county.

We currently are looking to hire certified professionals at two of our academies. In Namak, a modern two area in Joella province and in Sejong city - a modern new city, quite close to Daejeon.

Please see details below:

True to its name, EIE (Excellence in English) works alongside Korea University to provide students with an extensive program, which is designed to enhance student learning and apply what they are learning in everyday life. Online material allows separate reading and audio sessions to ensure students receive the highest and best quality standards of education from a private education institute.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a high quality of service here at the EiE, we are currently looking to hire a certified teaching professional from one of the following countries: USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned education professional you will get the chance to work with a great pool of professionals here at EiE. If you’re a novice; you will learn the skills and techniques required in your classrooms to make the lessons more interesting, fun and engaging for the students. If you’re a certified professional with some experience; you will get the opportunity to enhance your professional career as an English ESL teacher. We are a dedicated team of caring professionals, ensuring students reach their learning goals throughout their educational careers by providing a fun learning environment.

Come and join our creative pool of talent, whether you are planning to stay for one or many years in Korea. We are here to provide you with the support needed in developing your educational careers and to help make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Please find following, details of the position:

School Name: EIE Academy 
School Type: Private 
Student age group: Elementary - Middle school 
Location(s): Namak, Joellanamdo & Sejeong, Chungcheongnamdo

Contract type: Full Time 
Contract period: March 2019 - March 2020 
Working days/hours: Mon - Fri - 5 days. 13:00 - 21:00/40 hours per week 
Teaching hours: 25 - 30 hrs per week 
Class size: 3 - 10 students on average

Salary: 2.1 million won + 100,000 won (Adult lessons) 
Airfare support: provided (one way) 
Accomodation: A studio apartment 
Vacation: 10 days (5 days Summer, 5 days Winter - which includes weekends) 
Health Insurance: 50% covered by employer. It does not cover dental treatments 
National Pension: Paid. If you are an American you can claim it back at the 
end - depending on the agreement your country has with South 
Severance Payment: one month bonus at the end 
Working Visa: E2


Come and work for a private academy in a pristine area of Jeollanam-do, which will offer challenges to novices and experienced teachers alike. Located in one of South Korea’s most liberal provinces on the far South Western corner of the country.

A brand new area located on the edge of Mokpo, quickly becoming a behemoth in its own way. It may be a small town but it’s full of brand new restaurants, bars and new apartment complexes. For the past 10 years the area has been built up and has grown to become a key area where the Jeollanam do provincial Government offices are based. It has grown from a small farming agricultural area developing into a major town, contributed by the relocation of the Joella provincial government offices. It is being elevated to being called an Eco city with a stretch of parks and forests.

With an array of good quality bars, restaurants, activity centres, gymnasiums, major and local super markets and of course coffee shops, you never run out of options to discover, explore and experience.

Neighbouring Namak is Mokpo, a mere 20 mins away by bus where you’ll find even more things to do to keep yourself occupied. From archery to rock climbing, yachting to hiking and canoeing.

The major link with information on events and things going on in the area is the Mokpo tour page. Please see link below:

You can stretch as far out as Bukhang-dong to the Northern Harbor to really experience the richness, quality and uniqueness of the entire area. To keep up-to-date with the latest events and other things going on in the area you’d be better positioned if you joined the following social media groups. Please see following links:

Facebook groups: 
Mokpo Group

Namak Explorers OX

There are strong transportation links to other parts of the country. Gwangju is the nearest Metropolitan city, which is an hour away by bus. Seoul is a two and half hour journey on the KTX railway service. Ferry services provide access to multiple islands within close proximity of Mokpo and Namak. Jeju island, the most infamous island of Korea is about 5 - 6 hours away by ferry, with two ferries leaving from Mokpo on a daily basis. Busan, where part of the Black Panther movie was filmed, is not too far away either.

The Major Ferry links, bus links to other parts of the country and railway links all run from Mokpo. So you’ll have to take a bus or taxi from Namak to Mokpo to connect to other parts of the country.

To apply please initially send us your resume and photo addressed to Elizabeth, the Director at We will then contact you for an interview and upon successfully passing the interview, follow up steps from there with the hiring process. Thank you

A brand new academy is being opened in Sejong City! It is situated between Cheonan and Daejeon, not too far from the Gyeryong national park in the Chungcheongnam-do province. It is in a convenient location of the country, about 2 hours away from busy and bustling Seoul. You can easily travel to the Southern parts of the country as well.

Sejong was once dubbed to replace Seoul as the Capital city of the country. It was supposed to be a new multifunctional administrative city according to a previous president Roo Myun, who conjured up the idea in 2003. The whole point was to relocate the government, economics and government administration areas to a new location, promoting the idea of regional investment and development in other areas of the country, rather than just Seoul.

As of today there are still some government offices in Seoul including the national assembly. However a majority of the government offices have moved to Sejong. The area has seen industrial and government investments pour in over the years, bringing the area more prosperity. With a population of around 280,000 people, the City of Sejong keeps thriving, living up to reaching its eventual goal of becoming the capital.

There are plenty of things to do in the immediate vicinity of the area. The nearest metropolitan city is Daejeon which is 17 minutes away by train costing between 1,900 won - 7000 won. If you are driving then it will take around 36 minutes. Gyeryongsan is the nearest national park to Sejong. If you enjoy hiking, this is will be your paradise. Rich with good quality bars and restaurants, whatever your taste of entertainment, food or drinks you can be sure that you will be served well in this city.

More information about the city

Statistics, History, Geography, demographics and transportation links

Up-to-date information on activities, events and news on Sejong

Social Media 
Facebook groups: Sejong Locals 
Sejong City info and local projects 
Sejong Restaurants, bars, Hotels, sightseeing and Shopping

To apply please initially send us your resume and photo addressed to Rachel, the Director of the Academy at We will then contact you for an interview and upon successfully passing the interview, follow up steps from there with the hiring process. Thank you



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