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Native, Full-Time, English Instructor Positions Available in Nagoya City, Aichi, Japan

Advantage English Sakae
Job Description

Native, Full-Time, English Instructor Positions Available in Nagoya City, Aichi, Japan

Since 1996, Advantage English Japan, has native, full-time, English instructor positions available to start Feb 25th 2019, April 25th 2019 and May 25th 2019, or around those dates.

Advantage English will provide sponsorship. One-year contracts are standard and renewable. All applicants must have a BA or higher and be native speakers.

Experienced kids and adult teacher preferred.

If you have acting and public speaking skills, please apply even if you have no experience.

Training will be provided regardless of experience. The applicant 
should be: gentle with young children, fashionably and professionally 
dressed at all times, well-mannered and polite, and always adhere to Japan’s social norms and customs while on the job. Also the teachers should possess a presentation type “teacher” voice and skill set. Public speaking, debate and presentation skills are welcome and desired.

CELTA or TESL not required but please state if you have any credentials besides your 4year degree.

Competitive and career-minded salary: 
Instructors are guaranteed from 240,000 to 300,000+yen per month (depending on qualifications and experience), working a max of 28 contact hours and 7 non-contact hours per week. Instructors are able to qualify for overtime pay. Guaranteed salary is based on genuine ESL experience and qualifications. Applicants will be informed of the probable rate only if contacted for follow up and interview. 
(For example a 240,000 offer would be for no experience and no TESL/TEFL. 
270,000 would be for a multiyear, experienced teacher with CELTA or a MA in linguistics or English. 
300,000 offer are for managers who can speak Japanese, years of experience teaching all ages and or IT or video editing knowledge and expertise.) 
A raise of up to 10,000 per month is standard upon completion of a one year contract and after evaluations. Most teachers are asked back and many teachers have been with us for several years, as long as 11 years for one. Currently we have five veteran Advantage teachers from USA, Canada and the UK.

Available in the classroom and studio. All video work is counted as ‘contact’, teacher hours. Good chance to earn for teachers looking for extra opportunities.

Working hours: 
Advantage English is open from 9:00am to 10:00pm but of course teachers are not required or expected to be available during all hours of the day. Every instructor has a unique schedule. Even busy teachers however, have time in the day to pursue other interests as long as they don’t require leaving the city. Some days are busier than others. We negotiate schedules for experienced and highly qualified teachers who also possess advanced social skills.

Instructors are off Monday. We are closed on Sunday. We are also closed on all national holidays. Instructors also have paid vacation during the summer O-bon for a week, and winter for a week. All national holidays are paid off. Advantage English follows all rules and guidelines set up by Japanese government labor offices.

Schedules include a wide mix, from babies to retired folks. We hope to see results with all students. Teachers are expected to use our proven Advantage English method for kids and adults. Most classes are small with five students maximum. For adults, texts are not allowed in group lessons and only allowed in private, adult lessons for certain situations. For kids, we use Let’s Go as our main kids text. Training is provided and an experienced Advantage English teacher will gain access to countless future opportunities and have the confidence and ability to teach anywhere in the world. Advantage teacher trainers are in demand.

Please send a private message with your resume and a visible, recent picture of you would like to be considered for this position. If you meet our requirements, you may be contacted to set up an interview. 
You need to add your email and

All applicants must include: 
1. Resume 
2. Recent picture 
3. Letters of reference 
4. Brief cover letter stating why you want to teach at Advantage

If you have no experience: 
Please send a 1-2 min video showcasing yourself and voice. The subject matter can be about yourself. Smartphone/ selfie video ok.

Apply to: 
advantage_english_japan @

Thank you and we look forward to getting your resume!



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