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English Language Teaching Positions in Tokyo, Japan

International Education Services
Job Description

English Language Teaching Positions in Tokyo, Japan

Where are you planning to be in 2019? 2020? Excited by world sports spectacles, traveling, and experiencing different cultures? Enjoy them all by working in Tokyo where the Rugby World Cup (2019) and the Olympics (2020) are being hosted. International Education Services (IES), a language consultancy celebrating 50 years of experience teaching Japanese executives in Japan,is seeking graduates with teaching experience to work as English language instructors.

International Education Services (IES) is a language consultancy established in 1969 in Japan. Headquartered in Tokyo, IES is celebrating 50 years of experience designing and conducting business, engineering, pharmaceutical, and customized communication programs for Japanese corporations and national governmental organizations, as well as providing English instruction in Japanese elementary and secondary schools.

You will conduct classes either in IES offices or at client facilities in and around Tokyo and Osaka. You will be teaching several types of English communication programs (depending on your background: management, engineering, pharmaceutical, computer services, healthcare services, order-made, as well as general business communication skills) to employees selected by our corporate clients in Japanese industry and officials from national government ministries and agencies You will also conduct English language lessons as an Assistant Language Teacher for young learners at Japanese public primary and secondary schools.

You will receive extensive teacher training on arrival supplemented with regular feedback and counseling. In your adult classes, you will be trained to use a small group, communicative, English-only, coaching-based approach. For all classes, detailed training plans and in-house learning materials will be provided. Administrative assistance with class logistics will be provided by our bilingual Japanese course coordinators.

While paying by the hour on a monthly basis, IES simultaneously guarantees annual compensation of at least 3,100,000 Japanese Yen (approximately US$30,000.00). Instructors can earn more than this minimum salary based on their teaching performance, market interest in their educational backgrounds and work experience, and the overall robustness of the Japanese economy. You will be paid monthly in JPY (income tax deductions will be about 5-7%; sales tax is 8%; automobile ownership unnecessary). You will be offered an annual, renewable contract which includes work-visa sponsorship, paid vacations, subsidized health insurance payments (Japanfs national plan covers 70% of medical/dental fees), contract fulfillment payment (to help cover cost of flights etc.), and travel expenses to/from teaching assignments. Your starting date is negotiable, with the biggest windows of opportunity during the months of March - June and August - October. You will also receive comprehensive assistance with your work-visa submission, hotel and other arrival arrangements, finding accommodation (average rent about US$750.00/month), and other settling-in challenges.

We are looking for highly organized, hardworking individuals with excellent personable and communicative skills. Minimum immigration requirements to secure the necessary work-visa are a BA/BS degree certificate from an accredited university, in an English speaking country and sponsorship by IES. Teaching qualifications, TESOL/CELTA certification, and one/two years of teaching experience while preferred by IES are not compulsory, with consideration also given to each candidatefs personality, educational background, work experience, and demonstrable interest in and exposure to Japanese culture and Japanese citizens.

Please email your cover letter, outlining your reasons for wanting to live and work for IES in Tokyo, and CV (pdf file) to Damian Thomas in Tokyo: IES hires directly and exclusively to fill vacancies within the company. IES is not a third-party recruiter and no fees are associated with applying for any positions with IES. 



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