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Tissa Zadya
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EF English First Lampung,


About the school:

EF Lampung is a small, friendly school which has been operating since 1998 in the tropical city of Bandar Lampung. The school currently has around 500 students of varied ages and levels of English proficiency. EF English First Bandar Lampung is offering the opportunity to live in and experience a truly unique culture and this is an opportunity not to be missed!

The school runs classes for complete beginners, through to TOEFL preparation courses. There are classes for children, teenagers and adults. The youngest students at the school are around 4 years old. At EF Lampung there are 14 classrooms, each equipped with a computer set (with access to the online teaching programs), whiteboard and comfortable seating arrangements. There is also an ILAB room (with 10 computers), a LIFECLUB room ( with interactive whiteboard) and full sets of teaching resources- for teachers and students- for all levels and programs.

The school operating hours are from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm on Saturday. Native teachers usually teach between 3pm- 9pm Monday- Friday and are occasionally required to work on Saturdays. All teachers are required to participate in class outings and school fuctions.

The contract is for a one-year period and after completion, a return airfare ticket as well as an extra month’s salary are given to the successful candidate. If, after the initial contract, the candidate extends their contract, a 10% pay rise is also received. The school covers medical insurance and provides the chance for the candidate to travel to the bustling city of Jakarta once every 2 months.

The monthly salary for a native English speaker is Rp. 7.500.000. EF also provides a daily meal allowance of around Rp. 13.000.

There are 23 days of paid vacation leave, ten of which fall over the national holidays of Lebaran and Christmas. Throughout the year, the various national holidays are also paid leave. The required Actual Teaching Hours is 20 hours per week. For every class, an hour of prepartion is required. Extra teaching hours will be considered as overtime. The overtime rate is Rp. 100.000 per hour.

EF provides a shared accommodation for native teachers, eqipped with standard facilities such as sofa, bed, washing machine, gas stove and television. There is no hot water- as with the majority of houses in Bandar Lampung. However, due to the constantly hot climate, this is not missed too much!

The transportation from the accommodation to the school is provided during the first three months of the contract, however after this time native teachers are expected to navigate the city independently. The accommodation is only a five- minute walk from the school and is in a nice, friendly neighbourhood.

About Bandar Lampung:

Are you sick and tired of cold, gray winters? Bandar Lampung is the perfect escape! There is a near constant sun in this tropical city. Bandar Lampung is the capital city in the province of Lampung, on the southern tip of Sumatra and has a population of approx. 1 million. The city was formed from a merge between two smaller cities, Teluk Betung and Tanjung Karang. Be careful, as flights from the capital often refer to Bandar Lampung as Tanjung Karang! Bandar Lampung has most Western conveniences such as malls, a cinema, Western restaurants and bars, yet it maintains a unique cultural identity. The city has a wide variety of different cultures and religions from across Indonesia, making the city a vibrant and exciting place to live. As with any city, and especially a city in a developing country, regular safety precautions are recommended. With that in mind, Bandar Lampung is a relatively safe city and violent crime remains low.

The language spoken here is Bahasa Indonesia. Due to the different cultures residing in Bandar Lampung however, there are many other languages still spoken, such as Lampungnese, Javanese and Balinese. Bahasa Indonesia is an easy language to learn and you will find willing teachers everywhere you go!

The cost of living in Bandar Lampung is very low. A meal can cost as little as USD$ 1.00, and a movie ticket USD$ 4.00. As such, the salary provided is more than adequete for living an exciting life in Bandar Lampung.

One of the main attractions of this city is its strategic location for travellers. Immmediately surrounding the city are breath-taking beaches and mountains, an elephant reservation and various waterfalls and hotsprings. Away from the city, but still in Lampung are a surfing hot-spot, a dolphin- watching bay and the famous Krakatoa volcano. Bandar Lampung is full of opportunities to travel to these incredible places and experience the wonders of Indonesia’s natural beauty.

Bandar Lampung can be accessed by plane and bus/ferry. Travelling in Indonesia is remarkably cheap and the location of this city makes it easy to travel around Indonesia.

Experience the unique culture and mystical, beautiful surrounds of an off-the-beaten-track Indonesian city. You will be invited to countless cultural ceremonies, mostly weddings, and be able to live and breathe a truly fascinating culture.

The school address is:

Jl. Diponegoro no. 146, Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia

Telephone: +62 721 269 331

Fax: +62 721 263 154

For more information, contact us at

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