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Job Requirements:

About Cafetalk

Cafetalk is an online learning platform for tutors and students. Our concept on Cafetalk is to "Bring the Spice of the World into your Home" by connecting talented tutors with motivated students from around the world. On Cafetalk, you can teach everything, from English conversation classes to French lessons, music, or even arts and crafts classes.

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Why teach on Cafetalk?

  • You set your teaching schedule completely freely - students can only book lessons at times that you mark as available
  • You can work just a few hours per week to supplement your income
  • You want to become a full-time online tutor? We'll help you achieve that!
  • You set your own lesson prices 
  • There is no set curriculum you have to follow - you create your own original lessons and are your own boss!

We support students and tutors with multilingual support around the clock to ensure a smooth experience for all of our users.

You can teach a variety of categories!

  • You can teach English for beginners, intermediate or advanced students, you can do test prep or teach kids, just do conversation classes or business English - use your strengths and creativity and turn them into the type of lesson you think our students would benefit from
  • English is not your native language? No problem! From French, Spanish, Italian, German, you can teach essentially any language on Cafetalk
  • Other than language classes, music, arts and crafts, and Yoga or Pilates lessons are also popular

For us at Cafetalk, qualifications are secondary. In our experience what counts is whether you are motivated, experienced, willing to connect with our students, and up for promoting yourself inside and outside of Cafetalk!

Job Requirements:

  • About 1 year of teaching experience
  • You need a PC or Macbook with Skype, a camera and a microphone
  • You need a fast and secure internet connection
  • You need basic knowledge of how to use a PC/Macbook and Skype - if you cannot use Skype, Cafetalk may not be for you
  • You need to be reliable and keep track of your schedule
  • All lessons on Cafetalk are paid and flexible - therefore, we require our tutors to be able to provide their own lesson plans and materials
  • We have lots of Japanese students - punctuality is a must
  • At least one year of teaching experience

If this is you, then Cafetalk is perfect for you!

  • You speak several languages (especially teachers who speak Japanese, Korean or Chinese as a second or third language are more than welcome!)
  • You are charismatic, friendly, and willing to connect with our students
  • You are willing to use Social Media and Cafetalk's internal promotional tools to promote yourself
  • You possess cultural sensitivity

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