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Foreign Managerial Positions in Tianjin

Job Description

Foreign Managerial Positions in Tianjin

Managerial Positions Available in Tianjin, China (HR & Business Manager) (Native Speakers)

Business Manager

Opportunity available now for a foreign male assistant who can speak Chinese (HSK level 5/6 is preferred).

Location: Tianjin, China

First three months’ probation period:
Salary: 14,000RMB (12,000 RMB basic salary +2 000 RMB for phone and transportation)


Salary: 16,000 RMB (14,000 basic salary + 2 000 RMB for phone and transportation)

Job responsibilities:

  • Assist the President in the research and preparation for strategies and business plan of the company
    ●Maintain the public relations between the company and important cooperation partners
    ●Actively seek out new business partners, and new business areas.
    ●Promptly solve any issues raised by customers

    ●Airport pick up
    ●Full assistance with setting up and apartment suited to your needs
    ●All Chinese national holidays
    ●Added hours are fully paid and extra for overtime
    ●Full assistance with acquiring a Z visa
    ●Full assistance with any living difficulties
    ● 2 days off per week

    ● Fluent in spoken and written Chinese and English
    ●A Bachelor’s Degree and above with a graduation date at least 24 months ago 
    ●Passport validity for at least 18 more months 
    ●Various knowledge relating to company business
    ●Ability to live abroad for at least one year 
    ●Positive attitude 
    ●Outgoing personality
    ●Strong communication skills




HR manager needed in Tianjin, China

Location: Tianjin, China

Working hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am -5:30pm 

First three months probation period:
Salary: 15,000RMB (13,000 basic salary +2000 for phone and transportation)

Thereafter :

Salary : 17,000 RMB ( 15,000 basic salary + 2 000 RMB for phone and transportation)

Working responsibilities: 

 ● Responsible for recruiting new employees for the company (Recruitment and staffing)
 ● Employment and compliance to regulatory concerns regarding employees.
 ● Conduct interviews with new applicants
 ● Guide new applicants through the recruitment process
 ● Policy and development documentation
 ● Weekly reports to the head of the company


  • Full professional airport pick up
  • Full assistance with accommodation
  • All holidays paid for including national Chinese holidays
  • Any hours added or overtime extra pay included
  • Full step by step and assistance with the visa application (Z visa provided before arriving)
  • Ability to travel and experience a new culture
  • 2 days off to rest each week
  • Full assistance with any adjusting/living difficulties


  • A Bachelor’s Degree with a graduation date at least 24 months ago 
    ●Passport validity for at least 18 more months 
    ●Ability to live abroad for at least one year 
    ●Willingness to work on teacher’s teaching skills 
    ●Positive attitude towards students and Chinese teachers 
    ●Good communication skills 

Contact Details:


Skype: ymeducation

WeChat: b631483865



Job Details
Contact Details
Foreign Managerial Positions in Tianjin

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