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Still not decided? Why should you teach in Japan?

IB Japan Co., Ltd.
Job Description

Still not decided? Why should you teach in Japan?



What makes us different?

  1. No gimmicks. Our reputation is important, so your contract is clear and you always get your stated salary on time. We don't use overly-complicated incentive plans that change your base salary. We also don't require you to meet quotas to be paid your full salary.
  2. No surprises.We take a more straightforward approach to placement and discuss it with you before you arrive (you don't find out last minute).
  3. We care about our teachers. We're not too big, so we know everyone. There is always Native veteran staff available to provide support in English (apartment set-up, questions about documents, problems with the trains - anything!). We also liaise on behalf of our teachers to assist with communication between staff.
  4. Continuous training and follow-up to help you grow as a teacher. We won't forget about you after your first week. You will even have the opportunity to team-teach with veterans before you are on your own.

IB Japan is a great place to work for teachers new to the field and even for seasoned veterans. There are advancement opportunities for teachers that are effective in the classroom. You may eventually have a role in helping other teachers excel. We also encourage our teacher community to grow through social events. We value our teachers and want you to succeed!

Learn more about us at our homepage!

Full-time teaching positions are available now in the Chiba area! [map] We are also hiring for the fall semester.

Successful interviewees always have the opportunity to discuss their placement options.

Locations currently available:

  • Kita-narashino, Chiba Prefecture
  • Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture
  • Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture

We are interviewing now! Submit your application!

Apply directly at


(if you don't meet these initial requirements, your application may not be considered)

  1. ONLY Native English speakers (Citizens from U.S., Canada, England, etc.)
  2. COMPLETED Bachelor's Degree or higher (requisite for Visa)
  3. ESL / EFL teaching experience preferred
  4. Teaching experience with children highly preferred
  5. Certificates in teaching (CELTA / TESOL / TEFL) are not required, but will improve your chances.

Include ALL of the following and get an immediate call back:

  1. RESUME - should be easy to read (.doc/.pdf; no flashy formatting)
  2. BACHELOR'S DEGREE - image or pdf for initial verification only
  3. REFERENCES - from supervisors (two or three)
  4. COVER LETTER - should state your date available to start work
  6. CASUAL PICTURE - tasteful

Your application may be delayed if CONTACT INFORMATION is incomplete. Include your phone number or Skype contact.


  • 250,000 yen per month salary
  • 18 month contract with full Visa sponsorship (Contracts are renewable)
  • All transportation costs are fully reimbursed
  • 5 weeks of guaranteed PAID vacation every year
  • 5 flexible personal days
  • 30 days of paid vacation in total
  • Semi-furnished apartment provided; 55,000yen maximum rent
  • More details are available on our website

Most importantly, we don't ask too much. We want you to focus on being the best teacher you can be. You won't have to sell anything or meet quotas.

We are clear about our expectations. These are our teachers' responsibilities:

  • Maintaining a professional manner and appearance
  • Lesson planning and organization
  • Providing effective (and engaging) lessons
  • Encouraging a positive and friendly atmosphere at the school
  • Attending teacher meetings and training events


  • 5-day work week - maximum of 27 contact hours
  • Working hours are usually between 1pm and 9pm - all lessons are under an hour.
  • Class size is limited to 8 students and you see the same students once a week - no unexpected schedule changes
  • In a typical daily schedule, a teacher will see 35% of classes with children under 5 years old, 50% Elementary and Jr. High, and 15% adult or other. We like teaching kids!

Our Location and Placement Options

Most of our schools are located in the Chiba prefecture and Tokyo area. We also have some franchise schools located in more distant locales. We always try to find the best possible location match for our candidates - no surprises! You'll know exactly where you are going before you get to Japan.

Check out our network of schools...

Still not decided? Why should you teach in Japan?

  1. Japan will soon be the nexus of the sporting world. 2020!
  2. It has one of the strongest and most stable currencies. Start a savings plan while teaching and pay off any debts.
  3. Safety. Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
  4. Convenient, reliable public transportation providing access to even the small parts of Japan. Plus, you don't have to drive, eliminating a major expense.
  5. While working in Japan, you are eligible for National Health Insurance which covers 70% of medical AND dental.
  6. Japan has a unique, friendly, and receptive culture. During your time off, there are many opportunities to learn, see, or do something new. Experience more than what you've read about.

IB Japan has been in business for 33 years and is a proud member of the Japan Association for the Promotion of Foreign Language Education (JAPFLE) sponsored by Japan's Ministry of Education.



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