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Best positions in PRIME locations of BUNDANG&DAEJEON-Contracts Fully Guaranteed

Tony Suh
Job Description

Best positions in PRIME locations of BUNDANG&DAEJEON-Contracts Fully Guaranteed

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Avoid recruiters and apply directly to the YBM ECC Head Office. The HR Division exclusively hires instructors for YBM Company owned ECC schools. We provide unmatched service and convey information honestly for candidates, with or without experience, who are interested in working for us.

Why work at Jookjeon ECC or Daejeon ECC?

1. YBM ECC Guarantees contracts - YBM is a $400+ Million Dollar Corporation. At YBM ECC, we absolutely guarantee the conditions and benefits stated on the contract. There will be NO deduction for teaching less than the Minimum Teaching Hours, and full compliance with providing Korea pension fund, medical insurance and severance pay. Furthermore, YBM might be one of the few schools in South Korea that pre-pays roundtrip air tickets for hired applicants overseas.

2. Walking Distance – YBM ECC has strategically placed schools in the most affluent and easily accessible areas across major metropolitan cities of South Korea. Furthermore, YBM ECC provides fully-furnished private accommodations to teachers walking distance to the school. For teachers working at YBM ECC, both their housing and school are in walking distance to subway stations, allowing convenient and easily accessible transportation!

3. Close-knit community – The expat community in Bundang and in Daejeon are closely knitted and in some way, everyone is all connected to an accessible social network. The gregarious and welcoming ambiance has naturally promoted a more cohesive environment for foreigners who have taught in these two locations.

4. Less Pollution – Did you know Seoul encompasses an area of 605.21km2, which is only a 0.6% of the total area in South Korea? Also, did you know about 20% of Korea’s population lives in Seoul? That is about 10.1 million people trying to squeeze and mold to fit into the city. With a lot of people brings forth a lot of cars, busses, trucks, houses and such forth all contribute to the pollution in Seoul. On the contrary, Bundang & Daejeon are far less crowded, far more friendly and far away from pollution. In Bundang or Daejeon you can take a hike to the many beautiful scenic mountains near by the schools or take a walk beside the calm and cooling river. Bundang and Daejeon are places with perfect balance of nature and urbanism.

5. Save Money – Bundang & Daejeon are perfect cities to save money in as the cost of living is much cheaper in comparison to living in Seoul. Paying less for everyday costs, from utility bills, groceries, outings, dates and etc, equals to money saved in your bank account. Plus you feel better for getting the same quality you would get in Seoul for less the money. And with the money you save can provide you with the luxury of visiting multiple tourist attractions all across South Korea or even fly to other nearby Asian countries for memorable experiences!

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Employment Information & Benefits:

> Guaranteed contracts upheld by the YBM Corporation Head Office

> Knowing in advance the specific details, regarding the position being offered before the contract

> Competitive salary of 2.0~2.4 million KRW (depending on your qualifications)

> Relocation allowance of 200,000 KRW & Paid Orientation and training with teacher trainer

> Rent free, furnished, single housing within walking distance to the school (or housing allowance)

> YBM guarantees all contracts will comply with:

- Round-trip Air Fare (pre-paid by YBM)

- Korean Pension Fund

- Korean National Medical Insurance

- Severance Pay: Year-end completion bonus (Equivalent to one extra month's salary)

- Vacation days (9-10 Selected Days + All Korean National holidays)

For further information, please visit the YBM ECC Homepage -

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Employment Locations:

Daejeon: Noeun ECC (Walking distance from the Banseok Subway Station)

> Located in the affluent Yuseong district of Daejeon city, close to the famous Yuseong Hot Springs attracting tons of tourists year-round. It is also close to KAIST University, one of the prestigious universities in South Korea and also Chungnam University. Due to the close vicinity of the universities there are districts providing amenities such as; movie theatres, restaurants, bars and shopping areas for teachers to blend with the local Koreans. Another attraction of the Yuseong district is the Gyeryongsan Mountain which is only 20 minutes away for hiking enthusiast famous for its Buddhist temples. This is a great location for the individual looking to truly experience Korean culture, and a nice place for someone who does fit well with the hectic life of Seoul.

*Daejeon, Noeun ECC - amp;seq=68

Bundang: Jookjeon ECC (5 minute bus ride to Bojeong Station)

> Located in the affluent city of Bundang, near the Bojeong subway station. Near the proximity of the school is a very well-known cafe-street. Within the cafe-street, many different cuisines are present as well to provide a variety of foods other than Korean. Jookjeon is connected to Seoul by subway and buses that very frequently and conveniently to all areas of Seoul. The area around the school and housing both have amenities needed such as restaurants, bars, and places to shops as well as a banks, shopping malls, a movie theater and hospitals.

*Bundang, Jookjeon ECC website - &seq=9

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- A Native English speaker from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, or Ireland.

- Bachelor's degree in any field (teachers with higher education may be offered higher salaries)

- No teaching experience required (teachers with experience may be offered higher salaries)

- Eligible to apply for a working visa (E2)

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How to Apply:

If you are interested in this position, please email over the following documents to the YBM HR coordinator Tony Suh at

1. Your updated resume (MS word document or text file)

2. A current photo of yourself

3. Apostilled Criminal Background check and University diploma and Photo or Scan of your Passport

4. If possible please state a desired start date and location

Once an applicant has submitted their initial application, the applicant will be updated on the next step to discuss the details of the positions with the HR coordinator.

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