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English Instructor

Job Description

English Instructor

The LVSA English Instructor will be responsible for assisting beginner English language learners in reaching an intermediate level (approximately A1 to B1 proficiency on the Common European Frame of Reference). Activities and operations include curriculum evaluation and development, coordination with technical instructors to integrate curriculums, test evaluation, invigilation, recording/reporting of grades, lesson preparation and teaching communicative classes for up to 25 hours per week.

Essential Job Functions

· Teach up to 25 hours per week, plus cover teaching if required

· Prepare lessons

· Assess and report on student progress

· Use technology such as LMS, IWBs, online testing and eLearning applications as mandated by institutional policies

· Counsel students on their progress

· Attend departmental meetings and professional development sessions

· Work within the faculty on program development

· Invigilate assessments


· English is used in the delivery of all lessons

· All lessons have learning outcomes appropriate to the students’ learning needs

· A positive classroom atmosphere and rapport is maintained to facilitate the implementation of communicative methodologies

· All lessons work toward achieving the objectives of the syllabi

· Instructors use a variety of techniques, procedures, materials and technologies in their lessons

· All class admin (attendance records, records of work done, reports etc) is completed as per requirements

· Assessment of students is as per the guidelines in place

· Office hours are posted and the teacher is available during these times

· Teachers report any learning difficulties a student may be facing to the department head for remedial action

· Cultural sensitivities and social mores of students are respected at all times, in and out of class

· Dress code is business casual

· Confidentiality of personal information is respected

· Policies and procedures of LVSA including but not limited to those on employees attendance, punctuality, cover teaching and student discipline are observed and enforced

· Care is taken with the property of LVSA, including but not limited to IWBs, computers, & furniture

· LVSA technology is never used to access or store inappropriate materials

Required Skills

· Minimum Bachelor’s degree required (an English-related degree is preferred)

· CELTA and/or DELTA certification

· 3-5 years experience teaching secondary or higher level students

· Experience with the KEY/PET examinations is a plus

· Prior teaching experience in Saudi Arabia or the GCC is preferred

· Possess a strong knowledge of English and teaching techniques

· Highly organized and dependable

· Excellent computer aptitude, proficient user of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

· Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both in written and oral English

· Comfortable with technology in the classroom

· Familiarity with interactive whiteboards is a plus

· Strong collaborative skills, high energy, excellent follow-up skills and highly effective relationship building skills

· Proven ability to work in a culturally diverse context

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