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Native English-speaking teachers or couple needed in Gifu, Japan

Excel English Academy
Job Description

Native English-speaking teachers or couple needed in Gifu, Japan

We are currently looking for native English speakers who hold a college degree (for visa purposes) and a valid driver’s license. Couples are welcome to apply as there are several positions available. It's not mandatory but we prefer someone who has some teaching experience and might have some familiarity with the Japanese language or culture. It would also be helpful but not necessary, if you live, have lived in or at least have visited Japan before.

We are offering very good positions teaching mostly young Japanese children from 4 years to 12 years of age. Although we teach to all ages including adults, more than half of our classes are given to children, with some classes held inside various kindergartens in the green mountainous prefecture of Gifu.

We run a family-owned school and we pride ourselves on treating our employees honestly and fairly while offering some of the best teaching conditions in the business. We understand the importance of building and maintaining trust with our customers and employees and we will go out of our way to ensure a congenial and productive working environment.

We treat our teachers very well with full language support, long paid vacations and occasional raises or bonuses, all of which many schools do not offer. In return we expect our teachers to be responsible, caring, and positive. Another very important prerequisite is that YOU HAVE FUN and enjoy teaching as the energy of the classroom affects the students’ enthusiasm to learn.

We are confident in our teaching and management philosophy. We are also certain after checking what other English schools have to offer, that any interested and qualified teacher would be happy working with us. If you have any doubts you are more than welcome to speak to one or more of our other teachers. We could give you their email addresses upon request.

After being in the English education business for over 25 years we prefer teachers who are able to laugh at themselves while teaching children. We encourage our teachers to interact with the students in playful and creative ways as our instructing philosophy is to engage young students whenever possible through games, songs, puppets and other somewhat unorthodox ways. Because of the nature of our teaching methods the teacher must also be a performer at times so please consider this as a requirement for enjoying your work with us.

Here is what we are offering:

We will provide you with a 1-3 year work visa sponsorship and paid on-the-job training with full bilingual support both in and out of the office. We are also happy to help you with any need you may have adjusting to the Japanese culture or language even if they reach beyond the scope of your work responsibilities with us.

We will also supply a mostly furnished house or apartment in a quiet area, in Gifu Prefecture. Rent is approximately 48,000~64,000 yen payable monthly by the employee and there are no expensive deposits necessary. Satellite TV, fiber optic internet access and cell phone service is also available if desired. We also offer a company car for both school and personal use as driving is necessary for full-time positions.

The starting salary is from 3,000,000 yen a year and may be negotiable depending on the teachers’ qualifications and prior work experience. Also bonuses or raises for satisfactory work are part of our employee policy.

As of now the couple’s position will most likely include one full-time and one part-time salaried position. If applicable, the part-time salaried position would start at a minimum of 2,160,000 yen a year and increase proportionately with any increase in class hours taught.

There will be approximately 20 to 27 class hours to teach each week for the full-time position. Most of the classes are 50 minutes long. There is also more than sufficient paid holiday time including 4 weeks in summer and about 2 weeks both in winter and spring. All Japanese national holidays are paid holidays as well. During this time you're free to travel throughout Japan or wherever you wish.

We prefer a 2 year contract to start however 1 year contracts will also be considered. Also because we will be training and investing in you, we would like you to consider staying beyond the contract term if you so wish.

The starting dates are from about the first week in March or April, 2020 and are somewhat flexible.

Please send your resume with one or more recent photos (or videos) of yourself and a brief cover letter explaining your interest in teaching in Japan to the following email address:

We look forward to hearing from you!

The staff at Excel English Academy



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