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Academic ESL university teaching positions in Pohang, South Korea

Handong Global University
Job Description

Academic ESL university teaching positions in Pohang, South Korea

The Department of Language Education (DLE) at HANDONG GLOBAL UNIVERSITY (H.G.U.), located in Pohang, South Korea, invites applications for professors of English as a Foreign Language beginning Fall semester of 2020.

Four positions are available for candidates to work in a language department committed to developing and delivering a high-quality, academic English language program. Collaboration with colleagues is required to fulfil the teaching role in this department. Realisation of this role is accomplished within a broader framework of devoted commitment to following Jesus Christ and His teachings as understood from a traditional, Biblical foundation.

Professors are hired initially for one-year contracts that would be upgraded to two-year contracts based on H.G.U. administration approval to renew the contract.

Please note that due to time constraints, the deadline for applications is 6pm Friday 24th April. Applications received after the deadline are unlikely to be considered.

Teach an average of 15 class credit hours per semester (30 class credit hours per year). Maintain regular office hours. Actively participate in weekly committee and department meetings.

Assist in placement testing of students if required.

Spring and fall semesters are each 16 weeks long. Professors need to be on campus approximately 2 weeks before the semester begins and must attend University Faculty Retreats held prior to the beginning of each semester. Professors are also expected to teach one 3-week intensive credit class per academic year (either the summer or winter vacations) if called upon to do so, and will be paid at the H.G.U. overtime rate.

DLE Professors primarily teach undergraduate, academic English classes during the daytime on a Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday schedule. Wednesdays are set aside mainly for Faculty chapel, departmental meetings, and interaction with students.
Salary: M.A. candidates with at least 3 years of post-degree university teaching experience will begin with a yearly salary of 35,964,000 won (including pension contributions), with incremental increases for each additional year of teaching experience.

Semi-furnished, apartment-style housing provided on campus (if available). Depending on the type of housing, monthly maintenance fees and utilities are the responsibility of the professor and subject to payroll deductions.

Paid vacation (on average, 8 weeks during each summer and winter semester break)

Subsidized medical insurance

Pension program

Airfare reimbursement based on the following scale and submission of travel receipts
  • Native English speaker. According to Korean government policy, only residents of Australia, Canada, U.K., U.S.A., Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa are recognised as native English speakers (passport verification should be provided).
  • Master’s degree and at least three years of university teaching experience. Preference will be given to candidates who hold M.A. Degrees in TESOL or Applied Linguistics. Qualified PhD holders will be given highest consideration.
  • Mature Christian faith based on acceptance of traditional Biblical truth.
The following should be sent by email attachment to Alex Banks, DLE Director -
• Cover Letter
• CV/resume (include age, marital status and contact details, list of tertiary level institutions, courses taught and duration of service, proof of nationality with a copy of your passport page)
• Statement of faith (this should include a description of the applicant’s personal faith relationship with Jesus Christ and explanation of how the applicant’s faith informs his/her teaching practice)

Application Deadline: 6pm Friday 24th April 2020 (applicant materials arriving after the deadline are unlikely to be considered)

Alex Banks
+82 010 5597 4058 / +82 54 260 1496 (office hours) / +82 54 260 1623 (after hours)
DLE Admin officer phone: +82 54 260 1338


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