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Experienced ESL - Italian teacher looking for a job

Alessandro Di Francesco
Job Description

Experienced ESL - Italian teacher looking for a job

My name is Alessandro, thank you for reading this post.

I graduated from university with a Master's degree in "Asian Languages and Cultures", Japanese was my major, I also have a TEFL Level 5 certification, a DITALS certification (for teaching Italian as a second language) and JLPT N3 level. I started teaching English 5 years ago, in these years I have developed highly effective teaching techniques and instructional methods, which have allowed me to educate children or adults, and foster a funny, engaging and a positive learning environment. The language's limits are the world's limits, for that reason the first aim, for a teacher, is to meet each student's unique needs by developing a personal understanding of each of them, in order to create a bond between me and them, between the classroom and everyday life. Right now I am working as an ESL teacher in a kindergarten. I believe it is important to create a bond between teacher and students, in order to understand each student's needs, and make them more comfortable in speaking in English. I have studied Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and English, for that reason I can understand what kind of problems a student could have in learning a new language.I am looking for a job abroad, especially in Japan, but I am eager to start teaching online too.  



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