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Assistant Professor of EFL at Woosong University in Daejeon, South Korea, starting Spring 2021

Woosong University
Job Description

Assistant Professor of EFL at Woosong University in Daejeon, South Korea, starting Spring 2021

Woosong University is accepting applications from experienced, qualified candidates to fill positions as non-tenure track assistant professors of EFL, starting in March 2021.


We will only contact candidates who: 

  • Meet the requirements for E2-visa status (F and E1 visa holders can also apply) in South Korea, and
  • Possess either a master's degree (education, English, TEFL, or linguistics preferred) and 2 years of verifiable university English teaching experience 


a Ph. D. or Ed. D. (with experience taken into account but not required).

  • Teaching experience at the primary or secondary level, with a teaching license, is acceptable, but it must come from the country that issued the applicant's passport.

  Work experience must be: 

  • Full-time English teaching at a university, college or corporation (not from private academies) and
  • Verifiable through letters from employers with explicit dates or certificates of employment.

Successful applicants will complete an in-country medical exam.


Non-tenure Track Assistant Professor, General English Language (GEL) Program* 

  • Teach a variety of credit and noncredit EFL classes and 
  • Complete a maximum of 20 hours of teaching per week, in addition to 4 office hours weekly and 2 hours of biweekly professional development (which is organized by the university).
  • Classes are taught from Monday to Friday during the morning, afternoon, and evening.

*Bilingual (Korean and English) GEL professors who can translate and interpret may have opportunities for administrative duties.


  • 2,700,000 to 3,500,000 Korean Won per month


  • One-time bonus (an additional 300,000 Won after your first month and 700,000 Won upon contract completion) for all first-year teachers. 
  • Up to one month's additional salary, which is paid as a bonus upon the completion of a second year’s contract and every consecutive year of employment thereafter, depending upon the professor’s annual performance evaluation results. 
  • Six weeks of paid vacation each year. 
  • Basic health insurance: National Health Insurance plan. 
  • Private Pension Fund (monthly contribution: approximately 8% of your salary).
  • New faculty mentoring program for all incoming professors.
  • Faculty discount of 40% at Woosong Kindergarten for professors with children.


  • Single professors will receive a housing stipend* of 400,000 Korean Won per month and may use it to rent from Woosong a partially-furnished single apartment near campus (for their first year only and based on availability) or to rent private accommodations.
  • Married professors will receive a housing stipend* of 500,000 Korean won per month. If two professors are married to each other and are both working for Woosong, they will each receive a housing stipend* of 400,000 Korean Won monthly. Woosong does not have married or couple housing.

*The housing stipend does not include key money, and Woosong will not provide key money, advancements, or loans to its employees. The housing stipend is in addition to the professor’s base starting salary.


  • One year contract, starting September 1st and renewable upon satisfactory performance.


  • The Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning (M.A. TESOL-MALL) graduate degree program at Woosong University ( offers a 50% discount on tuition for Woosong staff members and their families.
  • The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) graduate degree program at our international business school, SolBridge (, also offers a variety of scholarships.

Both programs are taught solely in English.


First screening: please submit the following to the Woosong Hiring Committee, as PDF files, via email (at

  • Résumé and cover letter;
  • Scans of your bachelor’s, master’s, and/or doctoral degree diplomas; 
  • Scans of all university transcripts;
  • Scans of proofs of employment (employment verification letters); and 
  • A scan of the photo/information and signature pages of your passport.
    • If you possess a Korean ARC, please send us a scan of the front and back of it. Please ensure your passport is signed.

We will contact applicants whose qualifications meet our requirements. If you do not currently possess scans of your employment verification letters, we can accept them later. Due to the volume of applications, we may not be able to respond to everyone. We appreciate your understanding.

Applicants who are offered a position will need to submit the following documents:

All applicants

  • a photocopy, which is apostilled, of their highest degree’s diploma;
  • an apostilled criminal records check from their home country. 

Applicants who will need a new E2 visa

Successful applicants for whom Woosong will sponsor a new E2 visa will also need to submit:

  • an apostilled criminal records check from any country in which they have lived for more than six months out of the last five years;
  • a second criminal records check from their home country. It will need to be a printed, original copy, but it will not need to be apostilled.

For more Information, go to

Contact Information: Email the hiring committee at:



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