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Full-time In-house Academic Editor Wanted in Taipei, Taiwan

Wallace Academic Editing
Job Description

Full-time In-house Academic Editor Wanted in Taipei, Taiwan

About the Job:
Wallace Academic ing edits and translates papers from over 100 universities and research institutes. We specialize in academic editing and translation and seek applicants who enjoy writing and clarifying English. Interest in cutting-edge academic research is a plus. Please visit our website to learn more.
Full-time in-house position is located in Taipei, Taiwan.
Our diverse, multinational team improves and polishes manuscripts in the engineering, medicine, science, and social science domains.
New editors receive practical training in academic writing convention, grammar, and style.
After an initial probation period, editors receive a generous monthly performance bonus.
Established, reliable editors may be eligible to work remotely and maintain a full-time salary anywhere, such as beautiful destinations in and around Taiwan.

What You’ll Do
academic research papers for Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese researchers.
Wield native-level English and writing proficiency to improve grammar and expression in academic manuscripts intended for publication in international journals.
Become an expert on academic conventions, grammar points, and style.
Provide comments to authors to improve their future writing.
Apply style manuals and journal guidelines to ensure manuscripts adhere to academic and publisher expectations.
Attend regular meetings to discuss geeky language points with editors from around the world.
Incorporate feedback from regular peer evaluation.

If you think you’re up to the challenge, please go to the website below to start the first step!!

Relocate to Beautiful Taiwan
Our office is in the heart of Taipei, an extremely livable city for expats in East Asia. In fact, Taipei was recently named by Shanghaist as the best country for expats. The city itself is vibrant, modern, safe, and extraordinarily convenient, with a relatively low cost of living for the developed world. Transportation within the city is simple, and the high-speed rail line takes passengers the length of the island in just two hours! Beyond the cities lies the natural beauty of the island (referred to by Europeans as Formosa for its beauty) in the form of mountains, gorges, beaches, and hot springs. Intimidated by language barriers? You don’t need to fear—you’ll find you have no problem communicating in English because the level of English is much higher than in other parts of Asia. Living in Taiwan is also an opportunity to learn and practice Mandarin Chinese and stuff yourself full of some of the best food in Asia.

Ready to Move to Taipei?
All government paperwork to obtain an ARC (residence/work permit) is filed and paid for you.
You will rest easy knowing you have access to Taiwan’s National Health Insurance program, recently ranked world’s best.
Your first week of accommodation is on us! We pay for a hotel to get you acclimatized.
Struggling with Chinese? We will also help you get a bank account and phone number as well as assist in finding a cozy apartment in Taipei.
Still short on cash? A salary advance is negotiable to help with initial costs.
Want to know more about Taipei? These are just some of hundreds of videos showing what makes Taipei such a great place to live:
30 Things to do in Taipei
Taiwan Travel Guide
Expedia Taipei Video Guide
35 Things to do in Taipei
Taipei: Cost of Living as an Expat
14 Best Taiwan Night Market Foods
Taiwanese Street Food/Jiufen and Keelung
Best Things About Living in Taipei

Required Skills/Abilities:
Native English ability.
Four-year degree plus either graduate degree or two-years relevant (editing, writing) work experience.
Attention to detail.
High proficiency in written English, including clarity and conciseness of expression in addition to typical rules, such as grammar and punctuation.
Fondness for language and technical subject matter.
Ability to handle and apply constructive feedback for self-improvement.
Familiarity with errors of nonnative or informal writers of academic English.
Ability to work independently to meet deadlines.
High pace of reading/typing and ability to use Word macros and other heuristics to simplify and expedite common processes.

How to Apply:
Because we hold high quality standards, our editors must pass all steps of a multistep application process:
1. Online objective test of basic grammar, language, and punctuation skills.
2. Short sample edit.
3. Interview, either in person or via Skype, to meet candidates, discuss particulars of the job and life in Taipei, and provide editing feedback.
4. Second sample edit (1500–2000 words) as a final test of abilities in editing and applying feedback to improve.
*We also  accept applications for freelance work. Freelance editors begin live, paid work for evaluation after passing Step 2.
If you think you’re up to the challenge and you’re ready to start enjoying Taipei, click here to start the first step!



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