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English Teacher

Kenneth's English Training School
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English Teacher

Amazing people, Amazing life ---Teach in Jilin,China from 10,000 to 20,000 RMB per month , free apartment and ...... Super cost effectiveness

Seeking teachers currently in China starting from now at our Jilin Training School and instructing four to fourteen-year-old students. This is a one-year contract. Books and materials are provided.

Jilin City

As the second largest city and the former capital of Jilin province, Jilin city boasts picturesque landscapes in four distinct seasons . The SongHua river ,flowing from the Changbai Mountains on the China-North Korea border through Jilin and Heilongjiang provinceļ¼Œ endows the city with rich water resource

The city also provides variety of nice foods and entertainments with low price. People here are very friendly.

If you are interested in learning Mandarin, Jilin sits within what many consider the zone of “purest” Mandarin spoken.

 The school

Our school has been licensed by State Administration Of Foreign Affairs or SAFEA to hire foreign expert teachers since 2004. You will be working fully legally without visa games and legal runarounds.

 Your coworkers are a small team of dedicated professionals who are welcoming and supportive to new teachers.

We work hard to ensure every person hired is a good fit for the school and, importantly, our team of teachers.

We have a Chinese staff who understands your needs. Whether it is getting your documents processed, fixing something in your apartment or helping you buy something, you will have capable and professional assistance.

Our school is a fun place to work and teach. We do our job so you can do yours. We think children learn best in a safe, fun, high energy and educationally sound environment. We also think teachers teach best when their needs are taken care of and they have a responsive and supportive management.

Classes are taught during weekends and evenings.

Our school offers the following:

  * Unshared, western style furnished apartment with hardwood/tile floors with unrestricted 24-hour access.

* School agrees to pay teacher an initial base salary of 8,000 RMB per month during probation. Probation lasts from 30 – 90 days depending upon teacher’s progress.  After probation, teacher’s base wages will be 10,000 RMB.

*Teacher teaches 15 hours each week.Teacher may earn more money by teaching extra hours on a voluntary basis by the school. These extra classes combined with normal teaching can pay up to $20,000, or more, per month.

* 2000 more each month from the 3rd year.

* Classes are taught during evenings on weekdays.

 * Two days off on weekends.

 *Teacher will have a schedule of Chinese public vacations. (Chinese holidays and Summer and Winter vacation).

 * Contract completion bonus of 4,000 RMB at the end of the contract.

 * Medical Insurance (limited).

 * Upon your arrival at the school, we will pay the costs associated with processing your China physical exam, and obtaining a fully legal working Visa-- Foreign Resident Permit (FRP) based on a valid Z Visa as our school is SAFEA licensed to hire foreigners.

 * An English speaking FAO to assist you.

 * Your free time is respected.

 * Management dedicated to making your teaching and living experience here in China a success. Most of our teachers stay at least two years at our school; we think this is an indicator of satisfaction.


*Native English Speakers(The government requests) from America, Canada, England ,Australia, New Zealand , Ireland and South Africa

* An ESL/TEFL/TESL certificate from an ESL program of study.

* A bachelors degree in any field study. We are unable to hire recent graduates from college who are less than two years older than their diplomas. In other words, if you graduated college at a traditional age, you must be two years past your graduation date to be eligible for our hiring.

* Able to pass a basic physical exam.

*Local (city) police background check showing no felonies.

 * Able to teach dynamic, high energy classes to students 4 - 14 years olds.

 * Professional, positive and culturally aware

Please send your resume and attachments to Gene at

Phone :86+13844643928



Existing teachers'emails are available.



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