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English Teachers Needed Immediately For A Language School In Uzbekistan.

Smart English Official LLC
Job Description

English Teachers Needed Immediately For A Language School In Uzbekistan.

About the role:
A creative and enthusiastic approach both in and out of the classroom.
An excellent team player both within the department and across phases.
Excellent IT and interpersonal communication skills to work closely with students and parents.

Please make sure you meet all the above requirements before applying.

Please contact us via: +998 99 906 50 23 [TELEGRAM or What's app are Available]

Job Prerequisites

Computer skills
You must be able to teach the IELTS
IELTS Academy score (7.0) or its equivalent as a minimum.
No experience is required provided that you are passionate about teaching English
Ready to work in Uzbekistan.

Job Salary

We offer you unsurpassed opportunities to innovate and develop best practices across our family, to access extensive professional development, and to gain exceptional experience and career development in our educational center. At SMART ENGLISH, you will have opportunities to progress more, learn more, and collaborate more.

Also, we would like to emphasize the privileges that we offer to the main teacher at Smart English.

1. The main teacher is supplied with an assistant teacher who works shoulder to shoulder during the class.

2. There are examiners who are responsible for the monthly exams and he/she is boon to the main teachers at Smart English. (this means those examiners will take the exam not the main teachers; therefore, the main teachers do not have to check the exams. However, the Speaking monthly assessment and Writing monthly assessment must be done by the main teacher.)

3. Because there is an innovative way of teaching grammar at Smart English, the load in conducting grammar classes for the main teacher is greatly reduced; hence, work/life balance is improved. (This means that the main teachers do not have to teach grammar at all and this greatly reduces the load for the main teachers at Smart English.)

4. The main teacher is provided with a well-equipped classroom, and only he/she is the one who uses the given room.

5. The handouts [lesson materials] are always provided by the printing department, meaning that the main teacher is not required to print anything. Also, the syllabus is prepared for the whole learning program; thus, the main teachers do not have to prepare the lesson materials.

6. Smart English has got an effective, inclusive, and learning-centered syllabus, fitting the standards of IELTS; therefore, the main teachers do not have to prepare IELTS lesson plans.

7. As an incentive, there are ongoing pieces of training for the main teachers leading to job satisfaction and to higher levels of output.

8. Also, there is an assessment department at Smart English that checks the weekly Essays and other homework so as to ease the main teacher's work/life balance. In other words, the assessment department reviews and grades the homework assignments, videos, and essays and this frees the main teacher from constantly checking homework answers and it gives more time for personal life.

9. Another important facility for the main teachers at Smart English is that they are provided with a rent-free modern apartment if the main teacher does not live close to the workplace.

10. Last but not least, the friendly atmosphere along with lots of perks such as refreshments at the workplace.

Awesome benefits are awaiting you and they will be described during the interview.

The employment package includes the following:

Monthly salary [from $ USD 400 up to $ USD 800]. After working one year the candidate can reach $ USD 1000 per month
Fully fur

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