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Conversational English Teachers At American-style University In China

Sias University
Job Description

Conversational English Teachers At American-style University In China

Teach 9 classes Monday - Thursday on a team of 70 mostly Americans at our university of 38,000 students. Courses are offered to mostly Freshman who are eager to learn about culture and become your friend.

Orientation, Culture Activities and Fellowship offered to our international faculty!

Job Prerequisites

• Bachelor degree or higher preferred.
• Teaching experience preferred (if you have less than 2-years teaching experience you will need a TEFL certificate).
• Approved TEFL or similar certificates preferred.
• We give preference to those with international experience, have a history of being a role- model to students, and are patient and flexible when cultural differences create tension or strain.
• New employees need to be between 20-59 years old

Job Salary


* Airfare to China & Return Airfare - with completed one year contract
* MedicalCareAllowance
* Accident Insurance Private Apartment
* Free Weekend Trips
* Paid Winter Holiday (7-8 weeks of paid holiday during term)
* Option to sign a 3-year contract providing an extra 2 months paid summer holiday. Free Chinese Lessons
* Expat Faculty Cafeteria with International Food is offered for a monthly fee (see pictures)
* Starting salaries range from 7500 - 11000 RMB ($1050-1500) a month depending on degree attained and other factors, with annual raises. (In 10 months it’s possible to save $3000 USD).

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