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Teach English in Australia

Australia is a good place for English language teachers to gain teaching experience, while enjoying interesting cultural and sightseeing activities. Competition for ESL positions can be strong but leaving the main metropolitan centres will increase the chances of securing employment.

In the major cities universities have greatly increased the number of pre-university access languages courses and as a result there is less of a demand for and therefore less independant language schools than before. Another possible place for employment of ESL teachers in Australia is at TAFE colleges which hold classes supported by the government for newly arrived immigrants to Australia. And with the Government now requiring mandatory learning of the English language for it's citizen class it is likely these will become more plentiful.

Qualifications for teaching English in Australia:
Most English language schools and TAFEs require TEFL or CELTA certification along with some teaching experience of English. At universities though and other long term career type teaching jobs the requirements are much more. You would normally be expected to hold a BA or MA in Teaching, along with TEFL/CELTA certification and at least 2 years teaching experience.

Wages for the ESL teacher in Australia:
On the bright side, if you are able to secure a position teaching english in Australia, the pay is exceptional. At language schools you would be able to expect $20-40 AUS (normally at the top end of this), and at a university or TAFE you can command up to $70 AUS per hour. [Bear in mind this will be dependant on your qualifications, experience and employment type.] Compared to the minimum wages in Australia (around $10-15 AUS per hour), pay can be quite good for an English teacher.

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