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Teach English in Israel

The Israel is a country in the Western Asian Levant, on the southeastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Lebanon on the north, Syria and Jordan on the east, and Egypt on the south-west

Israel has two official languages: Hebrew and Arabic. Hebrew is the major and primary language of the state and is spoken by the majority of the population. Arabic is spoken by the Arab minority and by some members of the Mizrahi Jewish community. English is studied in school and is spoken by the majority of the population as a second language. Other languages spoken in Israel include Russian, Yiddish, Ladino, Romanian, Polish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Amharic and Persian. American and European popular television shows are commonly presented. Newspapers can be found in all languages listed above as well as others.

English is in very strong demand, with most of the young population very interested in learning English and very good learners. Because of this there are plenty of opportunities for TESOL English teachers in Israel. To teach in Israel you must hold a college degree from your home country and preferably have some sort of English teaching qualifications (TEFL, CELTA, TESOL, etc). Israelis have a real interest in English and are a pleasure to teach most of the time, picking up the language very quickly.

Wages for English teachers in Israel are relatively high, due to the shortage of English teachers, although your wage will definetely be based upon your qualifications and experience as an English teacher.



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