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Teach English in Indonesia

Indonesia is a popular destination for many TEFL English teachers. With it's beautiful coastline and beaches, cheap living, warm weather and friendly locals, it is considered an ideal location to teach English. The study of English is very popular with middle and upper class families (mostly Chinese Indonesians or Children of Government officials.) who recognize the importance of learning English in these times of globalisation. Private English language schools dot all of Indonesias major islands with the majority of them situated in Java and Sumatra. With Indonesia having the 4th largest population in the world, ESL is a big business and there are many schools to choose from, with the hardest place to land a job being Bali with the large amounts of tourists visiting the island competition is strong.

To stop the influx of backpacker teachers and guarantee a minimum quality of English teachers teaching in Indonesia the government has restricted the nationalities that are allow to teach English in Indonesia. The nationalities that are allowed to teach English in Indonesia are English, Canadian, American, Australian and New Zealanders. All other are not able to be employed in Indonesia (including Irish, Indian or any other nationality than the 5 on the allow list).
Also there is a requirement that English teachers hold some sort of English teaching qualification (CELTA, TEFL or TESOL), also a degree or prior teaching experience would look favourable to your application.

Working conditions as an English teacher in Indonesia are relatively good. A teaching week is approximately 24-25 hours teaching. Working those hours you can expect to make around 6-6.5 million IDR which is about the equivilent of ($620 USD). Living expenses are around 2 million IDR a month, but of course as with most places this can be kept down by living out of the major cities.

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