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The demand for native English teachers in Russia currently far exceeds the supply, maybe inpart due to the media's portayal of Russia and life in the country. Many Russians believe that learning English will open doors to either getting a better job or to get the opportunity to move overseas. This has seen a boom in the ESL industry in Russia and many private language institutions have opened up to meet the demand. Most major cities in Russia have private English schools that hire foreign native English speaking teachers.

Since the demand is so strong for English teachers, qualifications and experience is looked upon favourably, but is not necessary at many schools. Work can be found very easily so do your homework first, so you know where you want to live and study. Then get a list of schools in the ares (the best way to do this is via a Russian internet search directory, although you would need some knowledge of Russia - or use Google Translate) .

The best time to find work in Russia is during the month January or September. Teaching a standard week of 15-30 hrs per week, you would be looking at a wage of around 13,500-25,000 RUB (which is about $485-900 USD). Living expenses depend on if you are living in the major cities or not (Recently Moscow was rated as one of the most expensive cities in the world), but are normally in the range of 7,000-11,000 RUB.

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