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Teach English in Hungary

As with the rest of Eastern Europe the 90's saw the opening of the gates allowing Western culture and the English language to flood in. Native English teachers were in great demand and it was fairly easy to pick up any job just by being a native English teacher. While it has quietened down alot since those days, and most places now require some form of TEFL/CELTA qualification and/or experience, there is still a strong demand and a shortage of English teacher teaching in Hungrary.

There are plentiful private language schools in Hungary, with Budapest is estimated to have between 50 up to 200 different schools. While wages are very low for Europe, living costs are also very low, you will be able to live at a high standard compared to most locals, but don't expect to save much when you return home. Wages vary considerably between 2-8 EUR per hour, with most work paid on an hourly rate. Most schools will not be able to support you with enough teaching hours, so you may need to find work at more than one school, or supplement your income with private lessons. Working a 20 hour week you should be able to make in the region of 600 EUR per month.

Teachers considering spending a minimum of a year in Hungary may instead want to find a position at a university or college, a high school, or even an elementary school. Such positions are competitive in Budapest, but universities and colleges in rural regions have openings.

Universities and public schools provide housing and expenses (including local transport and a 50 percent discount on national trains) and make sure that all the paperwork is in order. The teaching load is significantly lighter than at a language school (usually 15 to 20 hours per week). Classes are always held at the same place. One also can develop working relationships with colleagues more easily than in a language school.

Schools rarely advertise positions in newspapers or online, so your best bet is to contact them directly. You should be able to get a good list of language schools either in the phone book (if you are there already), or else many of the larger more established schools have their own websites.

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